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Expedition is a three player matchmade activity that was released alongside Season of Plunder. It follows The Guardian, Mithrax, Kell of Light, Saint-14, Spider, and Drifter as they mine and extract loot from various locations around the solar system.


The players will load onto the planet with some enemies protecting the area of the drill sight. After the area has been cleared, the players can begin drilling, spawning in a drill and some cover. The players will defend the drill against increasing amounts of enemies as Engrams periodically burst from the drill. In order to secure these engrams, players will have to pick up and throw them towards the payload. This will go on until the payload is filled up with treasure at which point players will escort the payload to the next location with enemies attempting to stop them. If the payload is not filled by 3 minutes and thirty seconds, a Champion called a "Ruffian" will spawn. Damaging and killing this ruffian will drop some more engrams for the players to pick up. In either of these two locations, drilling may be interrupted with jammers. Players will have to venture away from the drill and destroy this jammer before returning to the drill.

After both locations have been mined and the payload escorted to its final destination, the players will have to defend the drill one last time against waves of enemies until the boss appears. Killing this boss will end the activity and the loot will be revealed.

The the only variations of the different Expedition locations so far are enemy types, boss type, and location


Enemy Types Present:



Enemy Types Present:




The chest at the end of the activity will drop world engrams. If players have a treasure map inserted in their Captain's Atlas, they may dig one of the three marked mounds behind the chest which will drop seasonal gear.