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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Override was a six player match-made activity released alongside Season of the Splicer. It follows Mithrax, Kell of Light, Lakshmi-2 The Guardian, Zavala, Osiris, Ikora Rey, and Saint-14 as they breach the Vex network with a Fallen technique known as "Splicing" in order to bring an end to the Endless Night.


After the rescue of the House of Light, the Last City was engulfed by the Endless Night, a Vex simulation created by Quria, Blade Transform as part of Savathûn, the Witch Queen's movements throughout the solar system. Misraaks offers his help to end the Endless Night in exchange for the House of Light's sheltering within the Last City. Agreeing to these terms, the House of Light is allowed to live in the abandoned Botza District while Misraaks teaches The Guardian the ancient Eliksni technique known as "Splicing" which allows the user to commune with machines. Using this new ability, the Vanguard hopes that it will bring an end to the Endless Night.


Override takes place in four locations around the solar system. All of them follow the same formula with the variation being found in enemy and boss types.

Overloading the Terminal[edit]

Override begins with the players walking up to a neon spiral of Vex constructs with enemies surrounding it. Killing enemies drops motes on the ground which need to get picked up and then deposited into the central terminal. Depositing the maximum of ten motes will spawn a crate of heavy ammo. Occasionally, a Champion will spawn in and will attempt to make its way to the terminal. If the Champion gets to the terminal, it will block the ability to dunk motes until it is defeated. During the dunking phase a portal will open up, allowing players into the Vex network. There will be a Vex Champion within named "Scythe" and when killed will drop a Data Spike. Players can pick up this Data Spike and deposit it into the terminal for a large amount of progress. This will happen once per phase.

Once the progress bar was been filled by a third, the terminal will lock out and a large wave of enemies will spawn with two larger enemies named Intrusion Detectors. All enemies must be killed to continue. Once the connection blockers are cleared, the Vex nodes will spawn around the terminal, one of which will flash red. Players will need to destroy three nodes to continue. The terminal will spawn platforms for the players to climb up in order to interact with section of it. This will unlock the terminal.

These events repeat twice more for each third of progress. Each repeat will have the players climb higher up the terminal in order to move on.

Bypass Network Security[edit]

After the progress bar has been fully filled and the terminal unlocked, the terminal will disappear and open a gateway into the Vex network. Players will fall into the network and have to make their way through an obstacle course and enter a portal at the end of it. There, they will find the boss.

Gameplay Variations[edit]

This section will go over the destinations and variations between them. Destinations rotated each week.


Unique Enemies


On the Moon, the boss the players will face is a large Minotaur named Portunos, Subjugated Mind. Players will load into large, circular arena, encountering the boss and be able to damage it. Once one third of its health is depleted, it will teleport behind a barrier cage. It will then teleport the players into another part of the Vex Network. Players will have to fight their way through the network, dropping the barriers that block their past by destroying cube Vex structures. Players will then see a portal at the end of the section and going through transports them back to the boss arena, where its barrier has dropped. This will repeat once more after the next third of health is depleted.

Tangled Shore[edit]

Unique Enemies:


Unique Enemies:

The Last City[edit]

Unique Enemies: