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Botza District
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The Last City, Earth

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Botza Underground

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The Botza District is a ruined segment of The Last City long abandoned since the Red War. Unknowingly built over the Black Armory's Ebisu Vault, this city center once housed Human refugees escaping the wilds, as well as the Schnell Corporation prior to the Red Legion's assault on the Last City, where it has since then been abandoned.


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Fallen of the Kell's Scourge crime syndicate would begin efforts to excavate and repurpose the contents of Vault Ebisu and would set up a defensive perimeter, as well as an impromptu base of operations in the Botza District, where they would be intercepted by The Guardian's Fireteam at the command of Ada-1 and would bypass these defenses.

The Botza Ruins were later granted as a refuge to Mithrax and members of the House of Light after they began assisting the Vanguard in dealing with the Endless Night. Settling into the ruined buildings, the Eliksni were welcomed by Osiris and Lakshmi-2 to the City, although tensions between the new arrivals and the human population began rising immediately.[1]


  • A series of voice recordings by Eido, Daughter of Misraaks can be found in one of the buildings. These provide lore on Eliksni history and culture from their perspective.

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