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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Ada-1, born as Adelaide Meyrin, is an Exo, and the head of the Black Armory.


Ada-1 was born as Adelaide Meyrin during the Golden Age and was the daughter of Henriette Meyrin, one of the three founding leaders of the Black Armory. During the Collapse, she was fatally injured by a minion of the Darkness, forcing her mother to save her life by implanting her consciousness into an experimental Exo frame, becoming Ada-1. Proto-Warlords killed her mother and the co-leaders of the Black Armory, and she survived through the ages.

Ada-1 now works with the Last City, participating in a reluctant relationship with the Guardians, who had once terrorized her during the Collapse when she and her camp were hunted by rogue Risen.

Personality and Traits[edit]

At first glance, Ada-1 is secretive, distrusting and contemptuous, mostly towards the Guardians due to the hardship she had faced years prior at the hands of a rogue Risen. This has left her rather unwilling to associate herself and her Armory with the Guardian in any way, regardless of their reputation as heroes to the Last City and the countless foes they have defeated that have threatened the Solar System. Despite this, Ada does possess enough manners that should a Guardian possess a pass to access her Armory then she will welcome them but remains very distrusting. In addition, she feels that the Last City needs more protectors besides the Guardians.

Ada-1 takes great pride in her order, the Black Armory, finding that her wares surpass all others, and no one should even try to counterfeit Black Armory weapons. As a result, she is very confident that those who buy her wares will be more than satisfied.

In the wake of the Kell's Scourge's rise to power, their theft of Black Armory weaponry, Ada ultimately put aside her ill-feelings towards the Guardians for the greater good, knowing full well what kind of damage the terrorist Fallen could bring with her order's wares. In addition, she grows grateful of the Guardians efforts to restore the Black Armory's old forges. In time, and in great effort on the Guardian's part, Ada's attitude towards the Guardians begins to soften, especially as they aid her in recovering the lost papers and secrets of the Black Armory's founders. She stated that she was honored to have the Guardian bear the weapon Izanagi's Burden and putting an end to Siviks, Lost to None. She became especially grateful towards the Guardian for recovering the Obsidian Drive, a lost piece of herself which enabled her weapon-upgrading abilities.

Despite being the vendor to the Black Armory, it has been said that Ada often prefers solitude to interacting with others, suggesting that she is anti-social.


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  • "The Black Armory believes not in the Traveler or it's shambling dead, but in humanity itself."
  • "It's okay, Ada. Just don't pay loitering guardian any attention."
  • "I hear your Vanguard wasn't much help in your quest to avenge a friend. That's... not surprising"
  • "You won't find better anywhere else. Don't miss your chance."
  • "Every piece in our collection tells a story. Whether it's be through its elegant design, its unique makeup, or a history of its crafter."
  • "The Black Armory predates this city, I'll have you know."
  • "Do not touch our wares, Guardian. They're only there for the pleasure of the eye."
  • "The Spider. How well do you know our mutual friend? Not well enough, I'm sure."
  • "Admire with your eyes. Not with your hands."
  • "The Traveler made humanity weak. Lured them into a false sense of security"
  • "I have kept an eye on your Vanguard from afar, Guardian. I am unimpressed."
  • "Just focus on what you came in for, Warlock. No need for mozing."
  • "Titan."
  • "Careful titan, I don't need your broad shoulders knocking our wares over."
  • "If you're not going to buy anything, could you please step outside?"
  • "Guardian? Are you there?"
  • "Stay awhile and enjoy our wares."
  • "See you next time, perhaps."
  • "Come see what we are selling today, Guardian"
  • "If there's anything else, don't hesitate to stop by again."
  • "Unfortunately, this is all we have at the moment."
  • "Take a look at our wares. You won't regret it."
  • "See anything you like?"
  • "Anything I can get you? Just say the word."
  • "What can the Black Armory do for you today?."
  • "We have more in stock now. Thanks to you."
  • "What's ours can be yours. For the right price."
  • "Come visit again soon."
  • "It's not much, but it's what we've got."
  • "Until next time."
  • "Come back anytime."
  • "Welcome, Guardian."
  • "I'm here next time you need me."
  • "Your business is appreciated."
  • "I believe our wares will be to your liking."
  • "Something here must be to your liking."
  • "Yes?"
  • "You know where to find me."
  • "The Black Armory awaits your return."
  • "Go ahead, peruse what we have to offer."


  • Prior to Black Armory's reveal, many thought her to be the Exo Gunsmith, Gaunt, as a result of fake Black Armory leaks.
  • The original concept of her being an Exo was to be a walking Black Armory Forge, through the Obsidian Accelerator.
  • She is part of the French family, the House of Meyrin.
  • Among the Exos encountered in the series, Ada-1 is the only one without a visible moving mouth.
  • If one lingers around Ada-1 long enough, she can be heard singing "Le Temps Des Cerises."[1], a French song composed by Jean-Baptiste Clément in 1866. She learned the piece from her mother[1].

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