Siviks, Lost to None

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Siviks, Lost to None
Biographical information

Other names:

Brother of the Spider




House of Devils (formerly)
House of Wolves (formerly)
House of Spider (formerly)
Kell's Scourge


Mob Boss





Combat information


Origin: Nessus
Scourge of the Armory
Niobe's Torment
Lock and Key


Molten Welder
Wire Rifle
Shrapnel Launcher
Swarm Grenades
Splinter Mines


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Drone Shielding
Switch Weapons
Fallen Energy Barriers
Fires of Avarice
Ultra Smash


"Siviks - 'lost to none'. My...impudent brother. And the Black Armory's assailant. It seems even a stint at the Prison of Elders did little to help my brother understand the concept of consequences."
— The Spider

Siviks, Lost to None was the estranged brother of the Spider and leader of Kell's Scourge, a violent gang of anti-establishment Fallen. He sought to plunder the forges and vault of the Black Armory, which caused him to become a target of Ada-1, his brother and their mutual Guardian allies.


The Long Drift[edit]

"We could steal back the Great Machine's favor by taking from them their identity."
— Siviks, Lost to None[1]

After the Whirlwind, when many Eliksni were traveling in the void of space, Rakis and Siviks were given to Misraaks's mother, Inaaks, as hatchlings by Eramis, despite being able to take care of their own. The two would become reluctant friends of Misraaks and, because they were older than him, would protect him from other Eliksni adolescents looking to steal Misraaks' Ether when Inaaks wasn't looking.

Eventually, Siviks became a member of the grown-up Misraaks' crew of pirates. Sometime after the Collapse, Misraaks and his crew discovered a Colony ship filled with human survivors behind one of Mars' moons. The raiding party, led by Misraaks, Rakis, and Siviks, would slaughter many of the weak and malnourished humans, until they threw down their arms, begging to spare the lives of those who did not fight. When Misraaks then locked the remaining survivors in an airlock and attempted to jettison them into space, Rakis suggested that they be made to serve their House instead, with Siviks amusingly agreeing. Rakis attempted to release the survivors but was stopped by Misraaks. Attempting again, Rakis reached for the airlock controls. Misraaks, taking this gesture as disrespect toward his leadership, immediately evacuated the airlock into space, killing all the surviving humans. Rakis and Siviks, angered, fought back against this decision. Misraaks responded by killing half the Dregs loyal to Rakis and Siviks, before clashing with the brothers themselves. The battle ended in Misraaks' victory, and the brothers, along with their remaining crew, were marooned on an asteroid and left to fend for themselves.[1]

Scourge of the Forges[edit]

"You... as bad as all Fallen! Worse, even! A friend even to humans... All must die!"
— Siviks, Lost to None[2]

Siviks fell out with his brother over the latter's cordial relationship with humanity and was imprisoned in the Prison of Elders. Finding the opportunity to escape during the Scorn's massive breakout, Siviks and his crew uncovered the Gofannon Forge from the Exodus Black on Nessus, which upgraded their Fallen weaponry with Black Armory tech. Siviks led his newly formed syndicate to smuggle their Black Armory contraband to Fallen across the system, including the EDZ and the Tangled Shore. When the Guardians retaliated on behalf of the Spider and Ada-1 against the Scourge, Siviks himself went to hiding.

Upon discovery of the Niobe Labs, Siviks and several members of his syndicate led an assault on the lab to claim the Bergusia Forge hidden within, gaining control over the security protocols which defended the lab. The Guardian uncovered his operation and finally confronted the mad Fallen, forcing Siviks to retreat after sustaining heavy injuries. After The Guardian unlocked the Mysterious Box and creates the Unidentified Radiant Frame from the blueprints within, Siviks returns to the Bergusia Forge in an attempt to steal the results of the forging process. He is unsuccessful as The Guardian dispatches the Fallen leader and obtains the Hyperion Core for the Izanagi's Burden sniper rifle.

Personality and traits[edit]

Siviks, Lost to None

"Stick to wall, ground, human... then FFFFFRRRRRYYYYY! Hehehehehehe."
— Siviks[3]

Siviks was cowardly as he continuously ran away from the Guardian for safety instead of protecting his other acquaintances. Unlike the Spider, who knows what choices he should take to achieve his goal and interest, Siviks selfishly took without allying with other factions.

Despite his supposed cowardice, Siviks was dangerously ambitious, cunning and desired power over all the Fallen and the destruction of the other factions in the Solar System, regardless of the cost to the Fallen's culture and way of life. He recognized the power and potential of the weapons and technology belonging to the secret order, The Black Armory, and sought to use them to assume power over the Fallen, even creating a servitor with destructive potential rivaling Aksis himself. In addition, Siviks had proven to be rather persistent, as despite losing each of the Forges and the destruction of his prized war machine, Insurrection Prime, Siviks never gave up on his war until he claimed all the technology and secrets of the Black Armory.

It is possible that Siviks also possessed a level of charisma as he was able to rally a great number of Fallen to his side after the Scorn's failure and the continued losses the House of Dusk faced. However, this doesn't mean he valued their loyalty, as he left his followers to face the Guardians constantly while fleeing to safety. Only at Niobe Labs did Siviks face the Guardians face-to-face, yet aided extensively by his Kell's Scourge and stolen Black Armory technology.


Siviks protected by Shield drones

Siviks first made contact with the player during the quest mission Origin: Nessus, where The Guardian pinpoints the Kell's Scourge base of operations. However, upon sight, he retreated and instead sends in Telksis the Pillager, Kell's Scourge to deal with the intrusion and defend the Black Armory caches. After defeating Telksis, the player investigated the Black Armory caches and continued the hunt for Siviks.

The player next encountered Siviks in Niobe Labs, where he had to be stopped from opening the Bergusia Forge. He fought the player during the first level, where he opened fire with his Molten Welder, which fired explosive Solar shrapnel that dealt serious damage to Guardian shields from long range in an area of effect, and also would occasionally throw a Swarm Grenade that functioned near-identically to those used by Gunslingers, the exception being that the drones only spread out in a pattern and explode, but did not seek out and home in on players. He was protected by shield drones, which had to be shot at to be able to damage him. After sustaining severe damage, Siviks retreated to the control room and activated the lab's security functions. The player then had to solve a puzzle or be wiped by the Fires of Avarice. After the puzzle was solved, then the next level began. Siviks sent in more dangerous enemies in bigger numbers, altered the playing space with Energy Barriers, and used Splinter Mines to destroy the player. He returned back to the fight during the combat section of the final level using the same tactics as before, but retreated again after the waves have been cleared.

Siviks fought the Guardian once more during their final engagement in the Bergusia Forge, as the last part of the Lock and Key quest. He once again used his Molten Welder to attack, and his shield drones kept him protected throughout the entire battle. However, one thing to note is that when his health reached 66%, he switched his weapon to a Wire Rifle, which allowed him to hammer the player with long-range precision fire, due to the hard-hitting, fast-traveling Arc bolt discharged from the weapon. After the player reduced his health to 33%, Siviks switched to a Shrapnel Launcher, which lacked long range stopping power, but could be dangerous to fight against up close due to multiple Solar shrapnel shots hitting the target at once. He used the Shrapnel Launcher for the rest of the battle. It was recommended for the player to stay in the back and face Siviks from a distance, as this fight became much more dangerous when taking place out in the open unless using powerful close-range attacks. After Siviks was finally defeated, he dropped an artifact that grants the player Izanagi's Burden.



  • Siviks' helmet looked similar to a Trials of the Nine Crucible event armor. This is likely as a result of Sivik's theft of Last City ordnance.
    • During Season of Plunder, Siviks can be seen in a flashback to his piracy days, wearing the same distinctive helm. This means its similarity is likely just coincidence.
  • Siviks was the first leader of a Fallen organization that is not a Kell, Archon, or Baron that the Guardians face.
    • This is likely due to Siviks' tendency to do away with the majority of the Fallen's traditions.

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