Iriks, the Sharpshooter

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Iriks, the Sharpshooter
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Pirate Hideout: The Sharpshooter


ArcS.png Wire Rifle
ArcS.png Shock Grenades


Summon Fallen
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Spotter Shank Shield
KineticS.png Ultra Smash


Iriks, the Sharpshooter was a skilled Fallen marksmen under the employment of Eramis, to assist her in hunting for lost relics on behalf of the Witness. He served as the final boss of the Pirate Hideout: The Sharpshooter activity.[1]


Iriks was a pirate lord from the Old Crews, pirates of Fallen legend, who had gained a notorious reputation for his marksmanship. Iriks answered Eramis' call for the Old Crews to rally and plunder artifacts on behalf of the Witness. His crew managed to retireve one such artifact, killing the previous owners. Iriks recognized the artifact, the sight of which made him reconsider his current employment, but ultimately decided to take it.[2] Still, upon retrieval, the pirate attempted to extort Eramis in exchange for his artifact, only for the Kell of Darkness to rebuke him. Later on, the Guardian raided their hideout in the asteoroid 1633 Chimay of the Themis Cluster in search of the artifact. Iriks and his crew battled against the invader, but were ultimately defeated and had their artifact claimed.

Personality and Traits[edit]

Iriks was a cold and ruthless sniper, highly effective despite his top right eye having gone filmy. His modus operandi for raids seemed to be to take out most of the opposition personally from afar, leaving the enemy crippled and cowering, then sending in his crew to mop them up and retrieve any treasure, punishing any that took more than their share with his rifle.[2]


As soon as the player enters Iriks' hideout with the Skeleton Key, the pirate will begin to take shots on them from his elevated position. He must be evaded by quickly moving under the cliff, then climbing the pathway to the side.

Once the Guardian reaches Iriks' treasure room, they will be presented with a Heavy Ammo Crate. Soon after, Iriks will appear, protected by an immunity shield, alongside three Spotter Shanks. Iriks will fire upon the player with his Wire Rifle, moving slowly but teleporting frequently, and throw Shock Grenades. The player must destroy the Shanks to make Iriks vulnerable, at which point he will summon waves of Fallen from the nearby doors. The player will be able to damage him for a third of his health before three more Spotter Shanks return. Repeating this process two more times will bring Iriks to his death.


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