Mukor, Soulkeeper

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Mukor, Soulkeeper
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The Oracle Engine


Mukor, Soulkeeper is a massive Taken Ogre who guards the Observatory in the Dreaming City during the story mission The Oracle Engine. It fights alongside Ugroth, Soulkeeper, another Taken Ogre.


Mukor will spawn in the center of the Observatory, after which they will very slowly pursue the player while firing their Taken Rotting Surge. After taking some damage, Mukor will be joined by Ugroth, an identical Taken Ogre. Both Ogres have immense amounts of health; there will be several Scorch Cannons located around the Observatory, and ideally all of these should be used on Mukor and Ugroth rather than the lesser Taken that will spawn in periodically. Although both Ogres move very slowly, it is highly recommended to keep track of both Ogres at all times so as to avoid getting cornered.

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