Parthenios, Drifting Mind

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Parthenios, Drifting Mind
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Biographical information






Taken Hydra

Combat information


HyperNet Current


SolarS.png Taken Aeon Maul


High Durability
Temporary Immunity
Midair Levitation
Rotating Shields
Summon Taken
Summon Blight
Summon Taken Rifts
ArcS.png Darkness Bolts
VoidS.png Axion Dart Swarm


Parthenios, Drifting Mind is a massive Taken Hydra that led an attempt to break into Neomuna's CloudArk via the Vex Network. It is the final boss of the Hypernet Current Strike.


After clearing the previous room of enemies and Taken Rifts, players will traverse a Vex chute up to the boss room, which upon entering Parthenios will spawn in. It will immediately start shooting its Solar Aeon Maul at any nearby player, and after a few seconds it will summon Taken Phalanxes and Taken Centurions to aid in its fight against The Guardian and their fireteam.

After a third of its health is depleted, Parthenios will spawn in Taken Blights around the room, which will apply the Shadow Touched debuff to players in the vicinity of one. Parthenios will also spawn Taken Thrall in an attempt to overwhelm the player. Additionally, two platforms on either side of the boss arena will appear with four groups of Vex Goblins led by a Quantum Minotaurs on top. Killing the Minotaurs will drop Arc Vex Craniums, which will allow players to clear out the blights. After clearing out most of the blights, Parthenios will teleport to the back of the room. After clearing out all blights, Parthenios will become vulnerable again, but now it will start to shoot out volleys of 6 Void Axion Darts in pairs of 3’s, along with spawning in Taken Goblins and Taken Hobgoblins.

After getting pushed to the last health gate, Parthenios will teleport to the front of the boss arena and spawn in the middle of a set of Taken Rifts, similar to those in the previous room. Much like the previous phase, Parthenios will spawn in Taken Thrall, as the platforms with Vex reappear. Players will need to pick up the Vex Craniums in order to clear out the rifts. After clearing out the rifts, Parthenios becomes vulnerable one last time, as it spawns in more Taken Phalanxes and now Taken Psions. Parthenios, along with its Solar Aeon Maul and Void Axion Darts, now starts utilizing Darkness Bolts, akin to those from Taken Captains and Taken Rifts from early. Players are now able to go all out on Parthenios in order to finally slay the Taken Hydra and protect the CloudArk and its defenses.



  • Parthenios bears a similarity in appearance to Quria.
  • Parthenios seems to be coded as a minor enemy despite being a boss, as it was affected by a bug that severely increased Fighting Lion’s damage against minor enemies on direct hits.

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