Lurking Abomination

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Lurking Abomination
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Parasitic Pilgrimage

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Overcharged Ether
High Durability
Arc Ground Slam


The Lurking Abominations are a group of three powerful Ultra Scorn Abominations that appear in the Parasitic Pilgrimage Mission. They launch an assault on Mara Sov's ritual at the Temple of the Wrathful, and attempt to take Savathûn's Worm for the Witness.[1]


The Lurking Abominations are encountered at near the end of the Parasitic Pilgrimage mission. Soon after you have acquired the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher, the first of them will spawn with a massive horde of Scorn Wraiths and Ravagers will immediately rush the player, as well as Lurkers and Chieftains to provide extra support. The Abominations are capable of firing powerful, fast-travelling blasts of Ether from their palms, dealing Arc damage if you are hit by them. If the player gets too close, they will channel Arc energy into their hands and slam the ground in a way similar to a Hive Ogre, which can cause you to lose a great amount of health if you are caught in the attack. Despite this, they Ultras and their Scorn reinforcements can be dealt with easily and effective with the newly-acquired Exotic weapon, which can make short work of the encroaching hordes of attackers. The other two Abominations will each spawn one at a time, after enough enemies have been killed.


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