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Glykon Volatus
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The Glykon Volatus (commonly known as The Glykon) is a Cabal Carrier formerly belonging to the Red Legion that was originally utilized by Emperor Calus in a ritual to commune with the Darkness. During the ritual, however, the ship was overtaken by a strange growth, which killed everyone stationed aboard, excluding one lone Scorn test subject. The ship disappeared for several months before reappearing in the Reef and sending a distress signal, which was intercepted by the Vanguard.


The ship was stolen and boarded by a lone Guardian, Katabasis and his Ghost, Gilgamesh, assisted by a Psion officer under the command of Emperor Calus in a Red Legion shipyard on Nessus. The ship was brought to the Reef, where The Guardian and Loyalists spent six weeks capturing Scorn for experiments, in hopes that Calus would be able to understand more about the Darkness. Then, Katabasis piloted the ship to Phobos, on the edge of the Anomaly left behind by Mars. It is here where Calus came on board, alongside the Crown of Sorrow. The experimenting with the Scorn continued, now with the Emperor utilizing the Crown as a means of observing how the Darkness interfered with the Scorn's corrupted consciousness. Many test subjects perished from "continuous neuron death" except for one who "spoke with many dead voices". This Scorn would become the Locus of Communion.

After many failed attempts at communion, the ritual eventually succeeded. The Glykon Volatus plunged into the Anomaly and became lost. Katabasis and his Ghost, still trapped aboard the vessel, began to feel the effects of pure Darkness corruption. While finding a way to escape the locked ship, Katabasis and Gilgamesh began to talk less and less to each other, growing distant, their personal connection from the light slowly fading. Strange fauna/flora began to grow and develop aboard the ship and the corruption strengthened, Gilgamesh eventually craving suicide, or as he called it, "salvation". Katabasis was firm minded, and refused to let his Ghost kill himself. Eventually, Katabasis gave in, and destroyed his Ghost with a shot from the Dead Man's Tale.[1]

After this, Katabasis made his way to the bridge of the ship and managed to send a distress signal. With the Glykon Volatus being a Red-Legion vessel, the signal arrived at the shipyard in the EDZ. Both the Imperial Cabal and the The Guardian intercepted it, and the Vanguard cleared them for a mission in rescue of the distressed Katabasis. Aboard the vessel, the Guardian defeated the Locus, and found a decomposing Katabasis in the bridge, strung up with Egregore tendrils, being sucked of Light by the plants. The Guardian salvaged the Hunter's rifle, then returned week after week, uncovering the secrets of the Glykon Volatus and Calus's ritual, with assistance from both Osiris and Caiatl. Eventually, they found the Crown of Sorrow, hidden in a compartment under the bridge of the ship.



  • The ship's name originates from the Greek word for sweets and is the name of a snake god which was associated with a large cult within the Roman Empire.
  • Aboard the Glykon, the guardian passes a Jumpship in the hangar with ornate Leviathan aesthetic trimmings on it. This ship belonged to Katabasis.
  • The flora growing on the Glykon is identical to that of the ones growing aboard The Derelict.

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