Locus of Communion

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Locus of Communion
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Other Names:

Akriis (formerly)









Combat Information


Exotic Quest: Presage


Flame Censer


Censer Burn
Flaming Vents
Rapid Movement
High Durability
Summon Scorn
Ultra Smash

"Meet Salvation."
— Locus of Communion

The Locus of Communion, once known as Akriis[1] was a Scorn Ravager who was mutated by exposure to the Crown of Sorrow and the Darkness anomaly left where Mars once was.[2] It was the end result of an experiment performed by Emperor Calus in an attempt to commune with the Darkness.


Combat-wise, he has same abilities as his Forsaken counterpart, in which he uses his Flame Censer to run at at you, slamming it to the ground to create a trail of fire etc. However, the area you fight him in is different and includes obstacles of its own.

The fight starts after you jump down the vent hole to the boiler room-like area, with Locus spawning in right in front of you. You can damage the Locus here until he teleports into the lower floor of the room, which is on fire, and spawn waves of Scorn to fight you. Clearing the enemies will allow you to activate 3 consoles, one on the each end of the room, and one in the middle in a small room, which also is on fire. It is recommended to activate the middle one last, as being too slow will kill you in the room. Once all 3 consoles are activated, the lower floor will cool down, allowing you to jump down from 3 entrances on each end of the room and from the middle across the small room with the coolant console. Once you enter, damage the Locus until a third of his health is gone, after which he restarts the boilers and the lower floor will ignite in flames again, repeating the progress. Do this 2 more times and you defeat him.

It is recommended that players take turns to jump down to the lower floor from each side and damage the Locus, as there are Scorn chieftains to back him up, and his attacks can inflict huge damage if you get caught in his fire. The Locus also makes a run for the Guardians the moment he spots them, so hitting him from multiple sides allows you to trick him to split his focus to multiple locations.



  • Despite being a totally different scorn, the Locus of Communion is a reused boss from the Forsaken expansion, named Reksis Vahn, The Hangman.
    • It was even referred to as "Darkmind Hangman" during the Presage mission's development.

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