Locus of Communion

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Locus of Communion
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Akriis (formerly)







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SolarS.png Flame Censer


SolarS.png Censer Burn
VoidS.png Censer Smash
Rapid Movement
High Durability
Summon Scorn
KineticS.png Ultra Smash
SolarS.png Flaming Vents


"Meet Salvation."
— Locus of Communion

The Locus of Communion is a powerful Scorn Ravager encountered aboard the Glykon Volatus.


Formerly known as Akriis[1], the Scorn was kidnapped by Loyalist forces upon the Tangled Shore, alongside many others, and then forced into a connection with the Crown of Sorrow and the Darkness anomaly left where Mars once was.[2] It was the end product of an experiment performed by Emperor Calus in an attempt to commune with the Voice in the Darkness.

After the Glykon plunged into the anomaly and Calus vanished, the Scorn were unleashed upon all survivors, led by the Locus. When Qinziq burned herself out trying to pull the Glykon back into real space, the Locus was attracted to the area, with only Bahr'Toran and Katabasis left to oppose it.[3]

The Glykon would eventually be spat out by the anomaly, and drift towards the Tangled Shore. The Locus of Communion remained onboard, and stalked The Guardian that came to investigate the derelict vessel. Eventually, the Locus of Communion confronted the Guardian, and it was silenced alongside its Scorn. Further excursions aboard the Glykon would unveil more secrets about what had occurred aboard the vessel, as the Locus and its Scorn would continuously return time and time again


The Locus of Communion is the final boss of the Exotic Mission Presage. Its main means of attack is its massive Flame Censer, which can be swung for a Solar damage attack, slammed into the ground for a Kinetic area melee, or smashed from afar create a long trail of fire. In addition, every time the censer hits the ground or the Locus stays still, its contents will leak, leaving behind more pools of fire.

The battle with the Locus begins on an upper floor, but he teleports away after receiving little damage. He teleported into the lower floor of the room, which is engulfed in extreme heat that quickly kills any Guardian that enters. To reach the Locus, all its reinforcements must be slain first. Then, three consoles around the room must be activated, with one inside a heated area that can only be resisted for little. Once all three consoles are activated, the lower floor will be cooled down, allowing for the fireteam to jump down from three entrances on each end of the room and from the middle across the small room with the coolant console. The Locus will remain vulnerable until a third of its health is depleted, summoning reinforcements halfway through, after which it restarts the boilers, reheating the lower floor. This process must be repeated twice before the Locus is slain.


  • The Locus of Communion uses the same character model as Reksis Vahn, the Hangman; it was even referred to as the "Darkmind Hangman" during the Presage mission's development.
  • The direct damage (not the lingering burn) of the Censer Smash wave attack is coded as Void despite no visual indication of such.

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