Locus of Communion

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Locus of Communion
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Akriis (formerly)







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Exotic Quest: Presage


Flame Censer


Censer Burn
Flaming Vents
Rapid Movement
High Durability
Summon Scorn
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"Meet Salvation."
— Locus of Communion

The Locus of Communion, formerly known as Akriis[1], was a Scorn Ravager who was mutated by exposure to the Crown of Sorrow and the Darkness anomaly left where Mars once was.[2] It was the end result of an experiment performed by Emperor Calus in an attempt to commune with the Witness using the Darkness. The Locus of Communion then stalked and cornered the Guardian once they boarded the Glykon Volatus, where it lurked. Eventually, the Locus of Communion confronted the Guardian, and it was silenced alongside its Scorn.


Combat-wise, the Locus of Communion had the same abilities as their Forsaken counterpart, in which it used its Flame Censer as a melee weapon, wildly swinging when within range and slammed it onto the ground to create a trail of fire if its target was out of range.

The fight started after the fireteam jumped down the vent hole to the boiler room-like area, with Locus spawning in right in front of them. The Locus was immediately damageable for a short period where he teleported into the lower floor of the room which was engulfed in extreme heat that'd quickly kill any Guardian that entered. It then spawned waves of Scorn to fight its attacker. Clearing the enemies allowed three consoles, one on the each end of the room and one in the middle in a small room, to be activated. Once all three consoles were activated, the lower floor where the Locus of Communion was hiding cooled down, allowing for the fireteam to jump down from three entrances on each end of the room and from the middle across the small room with the coolant console. The Locus was then vulnerable until a third of its health was depleted, after which it restarted the boilers and the lower floor reignited in flames again, repeating the progress.


  • The Locus of Communion uses the same character model as Reksis Vahn, the Hangman; it was even referred to as the "Darkmind Hangman" during the Presage mission's development.

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