Kavauust, Reverent of the Witness

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Kavauust, Reverent of the Witness
Phase 1
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Phase 2
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Biographical information


The Dread
Shadow Legion





Combat information


First Contact


VoidS.png Tormentor Scythe


VoidS.png Null Paroxsym
VoidS.png Suppression
VoidS.png Abyssal Cleave
High Durability
Rapid Movement
VoidS.png Dark Harvest
Summon Cabal


Kavauust, Reverent of the Witness is a Tormentor that was stationed among the Shadow Legion's invasion fleet. It was the first of its kind encountered by The Guardian, and differed from its nameless brethren by the red color of its legs. Kavauust stalked the Guardian through the ships of Calus' fleet when they boarded it to reach Neptune. The Tormentor finally confronted the Lightbearer as they tried to leave the doomed Astaroth Rex II, and was slain after a fierce battle.[1]


Kavauust appears first about halfway through the Mission First Contact, where it will ambush the player as they approach the bridge of the Vual Gaudium. The Tormentor will appear in its second form and immediately rush towards the player to attempt a Dark Harvest. If it is successful, after about a minute, or upon receiving some damage, it will teleport away while taunting.

After the player obtains the last Conquest Key Card, Kavaaust will reappear to bar their way. This time, it will fight like any Major Tormentor, though the darkness and confined spaces of the arena make fighting it fairly challenging. When brought into its second form, Kavauust will call forth some reinforcements, and more will arrive once it has only a third of its health remaining. Slaying Kavauust will unlock the room's exit door.



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