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First Contact


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Neptune Orbit
Neomuna, Neptune


Find Osiris in the Shadow Legion fleet and sow chaos through their ranks.

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First Contact is the first Story Mission of the Lightfall Campaign. The Guardian follows Osiris upon the Shadow Legion's fleet headed to an unknown destination. They discover new enemies, allies, and a new power.

The Weekly Mission version of the activity ends when the player leaves the Cabal fleet.


  • Sabotage the Cabal Fleet
    • Destroy the ship’s computer core.
  • Gain Access to the Restricted Area
    • Acquire a War Beast Keycard by locating and defeating the Keymaster.
  • Gain Access to the Bridge
    • Find a way inside to the ship’s bridge.
  • Destroy the Computer Core
  • Find Osiris
    • Navigate the Cabal ship until you establish a comms link with Osiris.
  • Gain Access to the Reactor Room
    • Acquire a Chalice Keycard by locating and defeating the Keymaster.
  • Destroy the Ship’s Reactor
  • Find a Way Off the Ship
    • Look for a way off the ship before it’s too late.
  • Gain Access to the Drop Pod Bay
    • Find the necessary keycards to reach the drop pod bay.
  • Escape!
    • Rendezvous with Osiris at the drop pod bay.
  • Find and Rescue Osiris
    • Osiris’s drop pod landed somewhere else. Find him before the Cabal reach him.
  • Secure the Area
    • Clear out the Cabal invaders from Osiris’s crash site.
  • Investigate Energy Source
    • Interact with the mysterious energy source.
  • Defeat the Shadow Legion
    • Cabal reinforcements are closing in. Your newly acquired power may be instrumental against them!


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Cabal - Shadow Legion
Weekly Mission Champions



  • Despite there being Chalice doors within the Vual Gaudium, there is no known way to actually open them
  • After arriving in Neomuna, if the player looks below the Drop Pod they arrived in, one will notice multiple Shadow Legion troops crushed and dead below and around the pod.
    • This could be a nod to how infamous Drop Pods are and how they instantly kill players that happen to be below or around a Drop Pod landing area

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