Mission: Retribution

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Mission: Retribution
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Season of Defiance




Shadow Legion Flagship, Earth's Thermosphere


With Queen Mara's power, you are able to traverse the Ascendant Plane and breach the Shadow Legion flagship. Mithrax, Devrim and Crow will join you in your assault.

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Mission: Retribution is a mission of Season of Defiance.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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  • Approach Mara
  • Traverse the Ascendant Plane
    • Mara Sov's power will bring you directly to the Shadow Legion flagship.
  • Clear the Shadow Legion
    • Make your assault against the Shadow Legion flagship.
  • Destroy the Pyramid Beacons
    • Ignite Balefires with your Light to destroy the Pyramid beacons and and lower the Shadow Legion barriers.
  • Locate the Engine Room
    • Make your way through the Shadow Legion ship.
  • Destroy the Cooling Fans
    • Cooling fans destroyed: X of 4
    • Open the cooling fan housing by destroying the generators with Mara Sov's Favor.
  • Eliminate the Engineers
  • Destroy the Engine
    • Engine components destroyed: X%
    • Mara Sov will empower your Light. Use her Favor to assault the engine.
  • Escape the Shadow Legion Flagship
    • You have destroyed the ship's engine. Open a portal to return to the Farm.


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