Mission: Invoke

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Way of the Witch


Mission: Conjure

Mission: Invoke


Season of the Witch




Altars of Summoning, Court of Savathûn


Defeat opponents to tithe to Eris Morn

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Mission: Invoke is a mission in The Bladed Path quest of Season of the Witch.


  • Enter the Altars of Summoning
  • Complete the Summoning
  • Complete Summoning Rituals
  • Lucent Tribute: Defeat Alak'nar
  • Lucent Tribute: Harvest and Deposit Burdens of Tribute
  • Ternary Minds: Defeat the Minotaurs
  • Ternary Minds: Prevent Vex Sacrifices
  • Arc Singers: Charge the Arc Crystals
  • Arc Singers: Invoke Hive Magic
  • Arc Singers: Defeat Ei Haaruz, Retainer of Savathûn


Ikora: Guardian: Eris has detected a gravitic anomaly beneath the Spire. She thinks it's a ritual chamber.

Immaru: We call that the arcane oubliette. Savathûn stores all kinds of drooling goons in there. Warm bodies for her magical experiments.

Immaru: If you wanna feed blood and guts to your discount Hive god, that's the place to do it.

Mission Begins

Eris Morn: Panicked throes echo upward from a well of power and death. I sense the oubliette beneath you, Guardian.

Eris Morn: Assemble in the ritual space and we shall harvest the fruit of Savathûn's foul experiments as our own.

The Guardian uses Hive Magic to open the door to the Spire

Immaru: After I resurrected Savathûn, she was dying to learn about her new Light. But she needed test subjects to experiment on.

Immaru: Same way you use the poor slobs in Gambit for target practice. Listen to this:

Hive Signal: [Recording begins]

Savathûn: I named this chamber the “oubliette,” after a Human invention. A prison where the only exit is the ceiling, just out of reach.

Savathûn: A place for people to be thrown and forgotten… until the time is right.

Savathûn: This is where I'll keep in touch with all my bygone subjects, both as a queen, and researcher.

Hive Signal: [Recording ends]

The Guardian enters the Altars of Summoning
The Guardian begins the Ritual of Induction
The Guardian arrives at the Altar of Devotion with Eris Morn
The Guardian interacts with Eris Morn

Eris Morn: Do you feel it? The latent power of the Witch Queen's spellcraft.

Eris Morn: Finalize the ritual to complete the summoning.

Alak’nar and Lucent Hive appear
The Guardian damages Alak'nar
Alak'nar becomes invincible
The Guardian defeats three tribute bearers and deposits the tribute, destroying his shield.
The Guardian does this three times and defeats Alak'nar.

Eris Morn: Your tithes flow through me like a surge of hot blood… [gasps]

Eris Morn vanishes

Ikora: Where are these… subjects being summoned from?

Immaru: Some kinda suspended animation? Or maybe they're teleported from somewhere right into our gun-sights.

Immaru: Ah, but what do you care? They're all just dead meat to you.

The Guardian arrives at the Altar of Feracity with Eris Morn
The Guardian interacts with Eris Morn

Eris Morn: Your arcane skill conjures forth horrors once cloistered, awaiting brutal deliverance.

Eris Morn: And so they shall receive it!

The Ternary Minds and Precursors appear
The First Ternary Mind rises
The Guardian prevents Vex sacrifices used to shield the Ternary Minds
The Guardian defeats the three Ternary Minds

Eris Morn: I feel in your tithes the fear and anguish of our foes. Exalt in your retribution!

Eris Morn vanishes

Immaru: You know why the boss is so much better at magic than you?

Immaru: It's because she's not afraid to make the tough choices. Listen:

Hive Signal: [Recording begins]

Savathûn: I'd like to share my experiments with the Guardians one day, just as we share the Light.

Savathûn: But I know they won't approve of my methods. They love omelets, but hate breaking eggs.

Savathûn: Maybe practicing in my rituals will expand their… provincial sense of morality.

Hive Signal: [Recording ends]

The Guardian arrives at the Altar of Flesh with Eris Morn
The Guardian interacts with Eris Morn

Eris Morn: Your arcane skill expands with each ritual you complete.

Eris Morn: Our powers will grow in tandem until we are ready to challenge the God of War herself!

Ei Haaruz and Lucent Hive appear
The Guardian powers six Arc Crystals and invokes Hive magic to destroy her shield
Ei Haaruz shield is destroyed
The Guardian kills Ei Haaruz

Eris Morn: In the name of retribution for the lost: Vell, Eriana, Omar, Sai, and Toland…

Eris Morn: Tithe onto me, acolyte! Aiat!

Eris Morn vanishes

Ikora: Guardian, the value of the magic you've unearthed here is… undeniable.

Ikora: But watching you and Eris revel in violence, tithing with Hive rituals… it was disturbing.

Immaru: Like it or not, your witch is gonna need a lot more tithes before she's powerful enough to challenge Xivu.

Immaru: So go ahead, sport. Make a mess. Enjoy yourself.

Immaru: Welcome to the Hive.

{End Mission:Invoke}


Hive - Lucent Brood
Vex - Precursors


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