Lightbearer Acolyte

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Lightbearer Acolyte
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Swarm Grenade


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Lightbearer Acolytes are Hive Acolytes who wield the Light and have a Hive Ghost, allowing them to be endlessly resurrected so long as their Ghost is not destroyed.


Lightbearer Acolytes are the counterpart of the Hunter class of the Guardians. Like them, they are able to dodge to the side to avoid incoming projectiles. They engage their foes with a Splinter as their weapon of choice, and can throw Swarm Grenades if the enemy is too far away or taking cover. Their eyes will normally shine white, but when their Super is fully charged, they will glow orange and are able to cast it at any time. Upon casting their Super, they can summon an array of floating karambits[citation needed] before launching them at the enemy, dealing high damage as they explode on impact. They are able to use this ability three times before the Super times out, and in a fairly predictable pattern; leaping to either side and leaving a trail of knives before launching them, and then summoning them from over their head in a semicircular formation.

Upon death, their Ghost will appear over them. This Ghost must be destroyed with a Finisher as soon as possible, or the Acolyte will be resurrected at full health and will have to be beaten again.

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