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Wolf's Honor (formerly)
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Wolf Kell Reborn(Formerly)
Dawn Kell(Formerly)
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Light Baron(Formerly)
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Fallen Kell(Formerly)
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House of Wolves (formerly), Second House of Reborn Wolves(formerly),
The Nightstars (Current)






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Early Life and Riis' Fall

Alomar was born Alokirasks, son of the Weaver Lord Byviliks, on Riis. He was a weaver himself, in the days before the whirlwind, thousands of years ago. However, when the Whirlwind hit, he was forced to leave Riis, aboard Weavership Nyloks-fel. As such, he would leave behind his father, to be defeated by Oryx in the worst of ways. And so it was that he came to Sol

From Sol to Scorn Ascent

For the next few hundred years, many things would happen. The battle of the Six Fronts, the sacking of London. And then the House of Wolves came under Mara Sov, Queen of the Awoken. During the Wolf Rebellion, he defied Skolas's claim for Kell of Kells and was forced to slay his best friend, and he took the Wolfship to the aid of Mara Sov. After the Wolf Rebellion and the death of Skolas, he took a servitor and vanished.His next appearance was in the Reef during the Taken War, where he defeated Byviliks, Taken Kell, his own father, and ripped from him his sword Starshielder. Unfortunately, Starshielder was shattered in the aftermath, and Alomar holds onto it still.

Over the years, Alomar would lose a lot. Another of his close allies would fall prey to SIVA and the Devil Splicers, forcing Alomar to abandon him to the ravenous blight. Then, the Red War. Alomar's sanctuary on Mars was violated by the Red Legion, forcing him to flee once more, making him feel like a rat. The next year would pass with Alomar moving around, eventually ending up on the Tangled Shore where he laid low. At least…until the Rise of the Scorn.

The Scorn were something Alomar didn't understand, and didn't want to, abominations of Eliksni that made him realize….he could not remain out here on his own. Gathering a small crew, he would lead small strikes against the Scorn before they were forced to flee to Luna, to shake them off before they were all Slain.


Luna wasn't much better, but it was during this time that Alomar seeded the foundations of the House of Reborn Wolves. His crew would recruit Dusk and Exiles remnants, bringing them together and giving them a purpose. A small settlement was built…..and then the Nightmares came. They tormented the Eliksni, the oldest among them had it the worst, including Alomar. Fighting Byviliks again was not something he had ever wanted to do. It was then that they were forced to relocate, making a Truce with the reef and settling on 221 Eos, building the city known as Lovasiri. Around this time, a Guardian from the Last City named Nulosar-7(name is kept to keep player anonymous) forged the blade known as Raiju's Fang as a gift, in hopes that Alomar's house would ally with the Last City.

And for a time, they did. And then Alomar screwed up in diplomatic matters with the Last City, and a false order leaked accidentally onto their channels. The Pressure from the Guardians along with a trio of his Barons aligning with Eramis' ideals and attempting to tear down the house from within led to further complications. In the end, the House of Reborn Wolves was dissolved, their members scattered to the solar winds. And Alomar was consigned to the Prison of Elders.

Exile and Reformation

Then, House Salvation fell, and unknown accomplices helped set Alomar free from the prison, managing to do so with very little issue using stealth. Now Free, Alomar journeyed to Europa, and there, filled with rage and a need for Vengeance, the Darkness reached out and granted him Stasis with which to take his revenge. However, after receiving it, and breaking free of the crystals, Alomar realized it was far too powerful for that, and endeavored not to make the same mistakes Eramis did. And so, he went into exile once more.

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  • Why should I be disappointed when I know nothing of your capabilities? A smith doesn't judge the soldier for his lack of smithing skills. I am a Kell. What is easy for me may be difficult for you, and that is fine. Failure is a foundation for learning, and while a dislike of failure is healthy, a fear of it is not.


  • Byviliks - father(biological)†
  • Kavos, Wolf Splicer - Son(biological)†
  • Tikris, Wolf Captain - Sister
  • Trysiks, The Tracker - Kavos' mother


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