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Lone Wolves never prosper, or so they say. But is it true?

A Wolf Ascends is a Lore book, that tells key moments in the life of a certain Kell, Alomar, Wolf Kell Reborn. The lore pages can also be found in a collection on Reddit


" When Riis fell....the Eliksni were forever changed."

Tolvarth Canyons, Riis.

A roar echoed across the canyon, and Eliksni all over froze in fear. Then, Byviliks growled. "Back to work! These Ketches need to be ready for launch!" Alokirasks shuddered, the Captain looking out towards the skies. High above Riis, the Dreadnought could be seen, its presence felt by all upon the ground. A loud shout caught his attention, and Alokirasks looked over at his father. The Wolf Lord stood tall, and put a hand on his sons shoulder. "You all right, Alokirasks?" He shook his head, and simply pointed. Byviliks looked, and growled. "That damned ship. We are safe here for now, son, but.....Not much longer. Mraskilaasan will survive, Alokirasks. We just need to get about Wolfship Nyloks-fel and the others and leave the system."

Suddenly, overhead, the sound of Hive ships gating in could be heard, the ethereal screams known for nothing else. Byviliks shot up. "BATTLE STATIONS" A messenger however, practically tripped as he made his way to the Kell. "Wolf Lord, Chelchiskel calls for aid in his fight against the Hive forces!" Alokirasks' eyes widened and he looked to his father. "Father, Chelchiskel's House of Stone is one of the main defenders. They held out the longest when Riishome fell." Byviliks nodded, and then sighed, before straightening up and walking away as he shouted orders. "Wolves' Guard, Silent Fang, protect the civilians and get them aboard the Ketches at once. We need to leave before the Hive tear us apart. Trivasiks, Lokasis, gather your troops and follow me, we go to help Chelchis." He looked to Alokirasks. "Son, help Nyloks-5 leave the Riis system. I don't care where. Work with Virixas, I trust him enough to get Mraskilaasan to safety."

With one last nod, Alokirasks got to work, shouting orders to his brethren as they loaded the Ketches. In the distance, the screams of Hive were interspersed with the shouts of Eliksni as they went to die for their families, to protect them as their home fell apart.

As the Ketches broke atmosphere, they were met with Destruction. Wreckage surrounded Riis. Alokirasks looked on in horror as he watched a defenseless Ketch be torn apart by the Hive. As the House of Wolves fled, down below Eliksni blade met Hive Chitin....and Taken armor. Oryx the Taken King had taken the Field. His blade shattered armor, and his forces sliced through the Eliksni like they were nothing.

Byviliks growled, and brought his greatsword to bear, clashing with the Hive God as his fifteen foot stature gave him the leverage to fight back. There was an exchange...and then another. Willbreaker clashed against the Starshielder as the two titans fought. And then.....Byviliks gasped, staggering back as Ascendant energy surrounded him. Lokasis yelled, trying to strike at the Hive God and was stroke down, his body bisected by the powerful being. Oryx grinned...and Took. The Wolf Lord disappeared, never to be seen again on Riis. And then Oryx turned toward Chelchis. He had another to fight.

High above, Alokirasks spoke with Virixas, and gave him his orders. The other Eliksni nodded, and they would guide their house out of Riis's system...and into exile.

II:Wolf's Betrayal[edit]

"Have you no honor?"
— Alokirasks

Wolfship Nyloks-fel.

Alokirasks shook his head as he stood beside Trivasiks, the two of them leading the Ketch on a patrol through the Reef. The Captain shook his head. "Nothing still. Trivasiks, contact the Queen. I need to deliver a report." The other Wolf nodded and went to do so, while Alokirasks tuned everything out......until he heard a yell. He spun around, and saw an Awoken Corsair on the hologram being struck down of the Queen's Guard?! Alokirasks snarled, and yelled out. "What are you doing?!"

The Queen's Guard Eliksni looked at Alokirasks, and then smiled under his mask. "The House of Wolves will reign forever under the Kell of Kells" Alokirasks snarled as the hologram shut off, and he looked out the window on the bridge. "Trivasiks, set course for the Vestian Outpost. We must aid our Kell." There was silence...and then there was an answer. "No."

Alokirasks slowly turned around, looking at Trivasiks. "What did you say?" His voice dripped with anger, and one of his upper hands rested on his greatsword. Trivasiks answered again, lifting his shock pistol at the captain's head. "No. Will not follow Mara Sov anymore. Trivasiks shall follow Skolas, Kell of Kells." The younger Eliksni snarled, and drew his blade. And then before Trivasiks could fire, his shockpistol hit the ground, the hand severed as the greatsword was pushed against his neck. "Have you no honor? No Loyalty, Trivasiks? My father trusted you, and now you spit on his name because you have hatred for another species? We are not Pirates, not Raiders. We were WEAVERS. Look at us, and see why the Humans call us the Fallen. Skolas is a brute, an opportunist. Are you no better?"

The Captain growled and stabbed him through the chest before he sheathed his blade...and spoke. "I am Alomar, Wolf's Honor, son of Byviliks the Wolf Lord. Aboard this ship, I am Lord, and there will be no challenges. Is. That. Clear?" The Eliksni nodded and then were dismissed as they went back to their duties. Alomar nodded and gave the order to set course for the Vestian Outpost. Then he looked at the headless body of what was once his best friend as he was dragged away. "What have we become?"

III:Shattered Blade[edit]

"So be it...Father"
— Alomar, Wolf's Honor

The Reef, The Taken War

Alomar growled as he drew his sword, Taken swirling into existence as he was backed into a corner by Shadow Thralls, who were dispersed by his blade. "DAMN YOU ALL" He roared as he started to push forward, before being pushed back. Again. And again. Until...a familiar voice rang. "Alokirasks. The King demands your death." Alomar's eyes widened, and he threw a grenade that cleared the area around him. Then, the Taken parted, and a large Taken Fallen entered his view. The blade he held made Alomar take a few steps back. "Byviliks. You dare show your face." The Taken let out his chuckle. "The King Demands your death, and so it shall be. The Taken King's word is absolute." Alomar looked away, and then nodded. "So be it...Father."

Taken Blade clashed against shock greatsword. The corrupted Starshielder was strong, but not as strong as it once was as it clashed against Alomar's sword. Byviliks grunted and swung, the two of them dueling with fast slashes and heavy strikes. But it was for nothing for the Taken Kell. For with a few clever swipes of his blade, Alomar severed his arm, and claimed Starshielder from him. "This is for my father." With a snarl, he plunged the sword into the Taken's chest.....and sent him swirling back to the Ascendant Plane.

It wasn't long before the other Taken followed, and Alomar felt to his knees. He watched the ancient blade be freeded of Taken blight.......before it fell apart. His breath caught as he tried to scoop up the shards, fear blowing through him. A symbol of ancient Riis......of his home and his race, shattered into eight shards. He held the shards....and cried. Seeing the Taken Kell that was his former Father, the shattering of was too much as he broke down.

It was a while before he brought himself back together. When he did, he took a deep breath and nodded. Gathering up the shards, he put them away, stashed away as he prepared to head back to his Skiff. He needed to get away from here, find a place to hide...and bid his time.

IV:Friends Lost[edit]

"Run, Alomar, I shall cover you"
— Trysiks, Devil Captain to Alomar, Wolf's Honor

Plaguelands, Cosmodrome, Earth

Alomar let out a groan as he got out from under the rubble, listening for a moment before uncovering Trysiks and helping up the Devil Captain. "You alright, Trysiks?" "I am fine, but we must get to the Skiff." Alomar nodded and headed in that direction, before they heard the sounds of Devil Splicers. But by then, it was too late as they tried to break into a run. They'd been discovered. Alomar fired his shock rifle, Trysiks her Shrapnel Launcher. But it did nothing to what seemed like an endless sea of Dregs. Trysiks noted how close they were to the skiff and looked to Alomar.

"Run, Alomar, I shall cover you." Alomar growled. "No." "GO" Trysiks yelled, and Alomar reluctantly obeyed, boarding the skiff and taking off as he saw a branch of SIVA grab Trysiks and pull her below. The Wolf watched in shock and horror, and that was his feeling still as he cave his report to Captain Tria of the Awoken Corsairs. Once it was done, he just flew, unfeeling and silent.

V: Oath Sworn[edit]

VI: Law of the Shore[edit]

VII: Nightmares Unbound[edit]

VIII: Kell Reborn[edit]

IX: A House Fallen[edit]

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