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Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Hand cannon

Required Level:

20 (Year One version)
40 (Year Two version)

Min-Max magazine:



Fire mode:






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"Stalk thy prey and let loose thy talons upon the Darkness."
— Weapon description

The Hawkmoon is an Exotic hand cannon introduced in Destiny Year One, exclusive to Playstation users only.[1] A Year Two version of Hawkmoon is available in The Taken King to Xbox users as well.


Year One[edit]

The Hawkmoon benefits from damage buffs. One of its special upgrades, Luck in the Chamber, substantially increases the damage of one random round in the 11-round chamber. This increases to three rounds with the signature perk "Holding Aces", as well as an additional 2 bullets added into the magazine. It was only available in the Playstation 3 & 4 versions of Destiny, until fall of 2015[1]

Year Two[edit]

The Year Two Hawkmoon was made available on all consoles, and no significant changes were made to this specific weapon.

Year Three[edit]

With the release of Rise of Iron, Hawkmoon has been given two Ornaments that have a chance of dropping from Radiant Treasure boxes and Treasures of the Dawning.


Barrel Upgrades[edit]

  • Accurized Ballistics: More range and impact. Increased recoil.
  • Field Choke: More range and impact. Increased recoil.
  • Aggressive Ballistics: More predictable recoil. Enhanced impact. Shorter range and more recoil.

Special Perks[edit]

  • Luck in the Chamber: One random bullet in the magazine causes considerable bonus damage.

Stat Modifiers[edit]

  • Hammer Forged: Improved range and accuracy.
  • Quickdraw: This weapon can be drawn unbelievably fast.
  • Speed Reload: Reload this weapon quickly.

Exotic Perk[edit]

  • Holding Aces: Two more random bullets in your magazine deal considerable bonus damage. [2]


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