Black Talon

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Black Talon
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"His life brought peace to the Reef. His death brings a sword."
— Crows of the Black Hull

The Black Talon is an exotic Sword featured in Forsaken. While wielding this sword, players can fire a projectile to eliminate targets at distance.

Weapon perks[edit]

  • Crow's Wing: Press Heavy Attack twice to fire off a projectile cross combo
  • Tempered Edge: Increased sword damage and ammo.
  • Heavy Guard: Sword Guard has high overall defenses, but lowers charge rate.
  • Tireless Blade: Sword ammo granted for every other powered sword kill.
  • Masterwork Catalyst: Grants the perk Reversal, allowing the sword to gain a damage buff from shots blocked immediately after it guards.


Three months after the Taken War...

Hallam found her in the washroom closest to the Black Hull entrance.

"We're going to be late"

Petra sat on the sink, eyes dry, shoulders squarred. "I'm not going."

Hallam let his Paladin-straight posture relax a little. "The Regent-Commander should probably attend the late prince's memorial. The Crows will want to see you. I heard they've commissioned a sword in his honor."

"If I go, it's as good as saying he's dead. As good as saying Mara's dead."

"Well," Hallem exhaled "Aren't they?"

Petra ground her teeth. Then: "But I want people to believe."

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