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Production overview


Enkaar, the Anointed


Eidolon Ally
Husk of the Pit
Weapons of Sorrow

Rarity class:


Weapon type:

Auto Rifle

Intrinsic frame:

Rapid-Fire Frame (D2)

Required level:

20 (D1)

Min-max impact:

2-5 (D1)
18 (D2)

Min-max stability:

55-82 (D1)
74 (D2)

Min-max handling:

55 (D1 and D2)

Min-max reload speed:

76-90 (D1)
76 (D2)

Min-max magazine:

54 (D1)
51 (D2)


Feed system:

Clip Magazine

Fire mode:

Full Automatic

Rate of fire:

900 RPM (D1)
720 RPM (D2)
900 RPM (Desperation)


ArcS.png Arc (D1)
KineticS.png Kinetic (D2)

Effective range:

13-22 (D1)

Hidden stats

Aim assistance:

60-75 (D1)
85 (D2)


15 (D1)
17 (D2)


65-85 (D1)
55 (D2)

Bounce intensity:

15-35 (D1)
45 (D2)

Bounce direction:

Tend Right (D1)
Tends Vertical (D2)

Airborne effectiveness:

24 (D2)

Service history

In service:



Crota, Son of Oryx
Crota's End
Weapons of Sorrow


"Eternity is very close. Can you feel yourself slipping?"
— Weapon description

Necrochasm is an Exotic Auto Rifle in Destiny added in The Dark Below. It is obtainable from a lengthy quest involving the Crota's End Raid, and later reissued after the raid was reprised in Destiny 2 when released during Season of the Witch.


Like Thorn, Necrochasm is one of the Weapons of Sorrow; though it would be the first of its kind. It was created by Enkaar, the Anointed from a captured Guardian weapon (likely taken after the Great Disaster) and modified by the Hive to feed on its owner's aggression. Described as a blessing from the Deep, Necrochasm uses the explosions of Cursed Thralls after Crota's brood learned to weaponize them.



  • Intrinsic: Cascade – Melee kills increase the reload speed of this weapon for a short time.
  • Sights
    • Accurized Ballistics: More range and Impact. Increased recoil.
    • CQB Ballistics: Greatly reduced recoil. Significant penalty to range.
    • Aggressive Ballistics: More predictable recoil. Enhanced Impact. Shorter range and more recoil.
  • Exotic perk
    • Cursebringer – Precision kills with this weapon trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion.
  • Stat modifiers
    • Single Point Sling: Switch weapons faster. Move quicker while aiming.
    • Flared Magwell: Reload this weapon even faster.
    • Fitted Stock: Increases weapon stability.
  • 2nd perk
    • Zen Moment: Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability.


It requires obtaining the Common Auto Rifle Husk of the Pit; upgrading it to the Legendary Auto rifle Eidolon Ally; and upgrading that to Necrochasm with a Crux of Crota rewarded from completing Crota's End on Hard Mode, or with the essence of the Oversoul from completing the 390 Light version of Crota's End.

In Year 3, the Husk of the Pit can be obtained via killing any Hive Ogre, although the drop is not guaranteed. The weapon is then upgraded to Eidolon Ally through killing a certain amount of a randomly rolled Hive enemy. After the Husk has been upgraded, the player must then kill Omnigul, Will of Crota and then obtain the Essence of the Oversoul from killing Crota in the 390 version of Crota's End. Once those two tasks are complete, the gun can then be upgraded into Necrochasm.


Necrochasm's signature ability is "Cursebringer", which allow the player's kills with the weapon to trigger Cursed Thrall-esque explosions.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

"Eternity is very close. Can you feel yourself slipping?"

The Weapons of Sorrow were believed to be nothing more than a myth. But even the darkest myths are born of some truths, and whispers of the Necrochasm have long filled the Light with dread.

It is said the Necrochasm was born in the twilight after Crota's sword first cracked the Moon. That a lost Guardian's weapon was altered by the Hive in an attempt to fuse their own dark understanding with humanity’s mastery of war. The result was a weapon that would feed on its owner's aggression—reaching further when angry eyes drew focus, its hunger rising as it tore through bone and flesh.

Any Guardian who comes across the weapon must ask some very simple questions with endlessly complicated answers: Is your Light bright enough to stand, even briefly, in full gaze of the Hive's abyss? Can it handle what has died and been reborn in those shadows? [1]

Destiny 2[edit]


  • Intrinsic: Cursebringer - Precision final blows with this weapon trigger a Cursed Thrall explosion. Final blows with Cursed Thrall explosions refill the magazine.
  • Arrowhead Brake: Lightly vented barrel.
    • Greatly controls recoil.
    • Increases handling speed.
  • Ricochet Rounds: Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces.
    • Increases stability.
    • Slightly increases range.
  • Exotic Trait: Desperation - Reloading after a precision final blow or a final blow with a Cursed Thrall explosion increases your rate of fire and improves stability and aim assist.
  • Hand-Laid Stock: This weapon is optimized for recoil control.
    • Increases stability.


In Destiny 2 players can acquire the quest to unlock Necrochasm from the Spoils vendor at the end of the raid. Players who completed the raid on contest mode within 48 hours of the raid's release would automatically obtain the weapon as well as the Husk of the Pit, Eidolon Ally, and the quest for its catalyst. Otherwise, they must instead simply obtain the Husk of the Pit and its respective quest.

Players must kill 100 Hive anywhere with the Husk of the Pit, with bonus progress being granted from within the raid itself. Once completed, the Eidolon Ally is awarded and unlocks the next step of the quest, which requires obtaining 20 Essence of the Oversoul; randomly given from completing raid encounters at a low drop rate. That drop rate can be improved from completing specific raid triumphs to obtain even more essence (though they will not grant all the essence needed). However, there is a chance where all the essence needed for both the gun and catalyst will drop upon completing a full run of the raid and killing Crota. Once players completed the step, they will be awarded with Necrochasm.


In Destiny 2, the original perk remains the same, albeit with a noticeable change: kills with the Cursed Thrall explosions now refill the magazine, and the exotic perk Desperation will grant better stability and aim assist as well as increased fire rate. The catalyst acquired from Crota's End grants the Outlaw perk, giving it faster reloads on precisions kills. Combining with the Necrotic Grip Warlock Gauntlets also enables a hidden interaction that can chain Cursed Thrall explosions to surrounding enemies.


The Exotic Catalyst for Necrochasm requires players to obtain 35 Essence of the Oversoul, with the quest to obtain the catalyst being retroactive if players have already collected the 20 essence required for the gun itself; leaving only 15 Essence necessary for the catalyst. After completing the catalyst, it yields the following perk:

  • Outlaw: Precision kills greatly decrease reload time.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.


Arise for Crota, Son of Oryx, the Hope-Eater!

He who has seized the Sky lair above Ceres,
which peers into other planes,
now vassal to the might of the Worldbreaker!

Within these keyholes
our brood communes with unheard voices.
They who whisper that the
curse of our Thralls
is a blessing granted by the Deep.

Now, in honor of the God-Knight,
we fashion these gluttonous whispers into death.
His Hellmouth becomes home to the profane:
the corpse of the Sky, reborn in the abyss.

Enkaar, the Anointed


  • Necrochasm is the only weapon in Destiny that is acquired by upgrading it from common (Husk of the Pit) to legendary (Eidolon Ally) to exotic (Necrochasm) status.
  • The weapon was referenced in the credits of The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror XXVI.[2]
  • In Year 3, Necrochasm is the only Exotic weapon in Destiny other than the Zhalo Supercell that has an elemental burn and requires a player to complete a part of a raid.


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