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Production overview



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Weapon type:


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Rate of fire:

200 RPM



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"A new chapter for an old legend."
— Weapon description

Forerunner is an Exotic Sidearm built by Banshee-44. It can be acquired by completing the Magnum Opus quest from Xûr.


Forerunner is a high damage Kinetic-slot sidearm, unique in its use of Special ammo. This may remind Destiny 1 veterans of sidearms in that game, before they became standard primary ammo weapons with the release of Destiny 2. It also comes equipped with a short range scope for easier target acquisition. Firing at full auto, it can deal out heavy damage in short shrift, though it exhibits strong kick when fired fully auto. As a trait, tap firing the gun provides less recoil and improves accuracy on each shot.

Its catalyst trait provides the ability to exchange your grenade ability with a Fragmentation Grenade after a kill, at the cost of 6 ammo, which inherits any effect associated with grenades being thrown, damage being dealt with grenades or kills made with grenades.


  • Full Stop: Oversized Sidearm with extended-range, heavy-caliber rounds. Fires full auto with increased rate of fire. Deals increased precision damage to unshielded targets.
  • Smallbore: Dual strength barrel. Increases range. Increases stability.
  • Flared Magwell: Optimized for fast reloading. Slightly increases stability. Greatly increases reload speed.
  • Pace Yourself: Tapping the trigger gives this weapon less recoil and improves accuracy.
  • Smooth Grip: This weapon is slightly easier to hold and aim. Slightly increases stability. Slightly increases handling speed.

Acquired by reaching Reputation Rank 16 with Xûr, the Catalyst adds the following perk:

  • The Rock: For several seconds after a final blow, alternate reload to consume part of your ammo reserves, converting your next thrown grenade into a fragmentation grenade.


Banshee-44 considered the relic on his workbench and the questions on his mind; one stood out above the rest: who were you meant for?

The form of the weapon suggested an oversized sidearm—a secondary weapon for a giant's hands. The function presented more so as an anti-material rifle. "Looks to be 12.7mm... it's like they were making a hand cannon but didn't know it yet."

Banshee wondered further about the warrior who could wield such a thing. His attention drifted momentarily, drawn by Shaxx's voice booming nearby. "Huh. Yeah. A Titan, maybe… and a big one too."

The weapon was laced with fractures from a life of fire and a sleep of ice, and perhaps other, more exotic stresses. Banshee wished he could've heard the relic's voice, but he knew from earlier examination that it had fired its last round. What a last round it must have been.

The Guardian who brought it to him might be willing to try a shot, untroubled by the risk of a rapid unplanned dismantle. But Banshee knew it wouldn't last through a single magazine.

Beside the relic lay a stripped-down Breechlight. He would adapt it for a larger round. Custom casings and handguard. Sensorium link scope… and he had other ideas to try as well.

It would be an homage, an offering to the creators of the original relic. A legacy.

With that satisfying thought in mind, the gunsmith went to work.


  • Forerunner is based on the M6 magnums of Bungie's previous Halo series, specifically the M6D magnum of Halo: Combat Evolved that was well renowned as the most versatile weapon in the game. Appropriately, the weapon's lore and descriptions are full of Halo references.
    • The name of the weapon refers to Halo being the forerunner to Destiny, but also alludes to the alien Forerunners of Halo.
    • The Rock perk appears to refer to a quote by fan-favourite character Avery Johnson, where he jokes: "When I joined the Corps, we didn't have any fancy-shmancy tanks. We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon - and we had to share the rock!"
  • The use of a Breachlight as the basis for Forerunner is likely a nod to that weapon's similar appearance to an M6 magnum, which was previously recognized by community members recreating the look of Halo's protagonist, John-117, better known as the Master Chief, on their Guardians.

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