Ticuu's Divination

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Ticuu's Divination
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Production overview



Rarity class:


Weapon type:


Min-max accuracy:


Min-max impact:


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Min-max magazine:



Feed system:

Timelost Arrows

Ammunition type:


Rate of fire:

612 ms (Draw Time)


SolarS.png Solar

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Service history

In service:

Ticuu (formerly)




"Three points, pushed through forever."
— Weapon description

Ticuu's Divination is an Exotic Bow introduced in Destiny 2's Season of the Chosen.


Similarly to Trinity Ghoul, Ticuu's Divination fires three arrows per one unit of ammo spent, with these arrows capable of causing explosions under the right circumstances. Otherwise, however, the two bows function massively differently.

When firing from the hip, Ticuu's Divination will fire three Solar "darts" that home in on enemies and "mark" them - signified by flames running over their body - but deal very low damage. The enemy or enemies the darts will home towards are designated to the user by the target having a red rectangle over them. Enemies closer to the crosshair will be prioritized, and the weapon can lock on to three enemies at once, one for each dart. When firing while aiming, these darts are combined into a single arrow that flies in a normal trajectory and deals far more damage without any homing; marked enemies struck by the aimed darts will release a fiery explosion from their bodies, doing huge damage to both them and any enemies near them. These explosions will also happen if a marked enemy is killed by something while still marked, and will be significantly stronger if the aimed shot is both perfectly-drawn, and hits the target in the head.

Compared to most bows, which are strictly single-target damage weapons due to their slow effective "fire" rate but high damage, range and accuracy, Ticuu's Divination just as effective against several enemies as it is lone ones thanks to its Sacred Flame explosions. Multiple weak enemies can be cleared out by just two shots from this weapon. However, while the idea of a homing bow that fires three arrows at once sounds very powerful on paper, the Divination's homing "darts" are, as mentioned above, very low-damage for a bow. While this makes the weapon highly adept at harassing and suppressing enemies at longer ranges, it also means the weapon will struggle to secure kills unless its wielder alternates between hip-fired and aimed shots with each arrow nocked, constantly triggering Sacred Flame explosions, which - by contrast - deal remarkably solid damage.

Weapon Perks[edit]

  • Sacred Flame: Hipfiring this weapon fires multiple tracking projectiles. Targets marked by these projectiles explode upon death, or when struck by another Sacred Flame's explosion.
  • Causality Arrows: Arrows fired while aiming down sights cause Sacred Flames to instantly detonate. Precision hits with perfectly drawn arrows increase the power of this detonation.
  • Straight Fletching: Modern fletching for straight paths. Increases accuracy.
  • Tactile String: Stable, high-friction bowstring. Slightly increases accuracy. Increases stability.


The two Legionaries rooted through the armory of their deposed emperor. They swept the rubble aside and lifted a Bow of sharp metal, its thin frame of blackened blades bound with wire.

"This is the one the Psions made so you can't miss."

"Huh. How'd they do it?"

"They put time in it."

"What kinds of time?"

"Kinds so when you shoot, that's always when the arrows hit."

"You never ever miss?"

"Not unless you were going to anyway."

"But if you do miss, it'll make it a time that you don't?"

"Right. Unless this time was a time when you did."


It was the third day of the dry joining. Ticuu's voice was rasped raw, but still he clutched the Bow to his chest and held it placid in his mind.

Ticuu melded his thoughts with the null. A bastardized metaconcert, one voice in the expanse—a temporal harmony of one.

Three arrows, hissing faintly with Solar power, bristled in his fist.

Then, an echo: a rusty whine of horsehair on frayed wire. Ticuu plucked the bowstring. Spots of blood appeared on the floor. He plucked again, filling the air with oppressive vibration.

Blood welled from his fingers and dripped to match the pattern at his feet.


"How's it make arrows?"

"They come from time, because they got put there before."

"When you shoot it, how's it know what heads to hit?"

"It goes in time and gets a future where heads always had arrows in 'em."

"But which heads, though?"

"The ones that had arrows already."


Ticuu's mind emptied itself, dissipating across the pitch and froth of what was to be.

Time was an empty wheel around him. His song held it, and the joining pinned it in place. Three points of harmony between the will and the physical.

His fist rose. Three shafts pierced his Y-shaped pupil. They had always been there. Three points, pushed through forever.


  • Before Season 15 gave all Primary-ammo-using weapons unlimited reserves, Ticuu's Divination was noted for its terrible ammo efficiency; its need to constantly fire arrows to cause explosions rapidly ate through the weapon's supply of arrows, which was in stark contrast to most other bows, which were very ammo-economical. Other "low-damage-but-high-fire-rate" weapons such as Malfeasance shared this issue.
  • The weapons seems to have residual time effects around itself. Banshee-44 notes that he believes he always had the bow's Exotic Catalyst, but doesn't remember getting it.[1] More worryingly, the weapon messes with the gunsmith's internal chronometer, and he feels like it was always meant to be in The Guardian's hands.[2]

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