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Dragon's Breath
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Rocket Launcher

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SolarS.png Solar


"Burn the world. Burn it all."
— Weapon description

Dragon's Breath is an exotic rocket launcher introduced in The Dark Below.[1] Dragon's Breath fires unique rockets that leave behind a Solar flare grenade, making it a good area-denial weapon.

After an update with The Taken King, the weapon's exotic perk was changed to Napalm, in which after the weapon is fired, a Solar damage napalm canister is dropped and detonated, causing additional damage over time. It later returned in Destiny 2 in Season of the Wish.

Destiny 1[edit]


Year One

The main perks are Tripod and Pyromancer. This meant that Dragon's Breath could carry three rockets in the chamber, each of which left behind a solar flare upon detonation.

Year Two

Dragon's Breath was totally revamped. Its exotic perk is now "Napalm", which allows the user to hold down the trigger to delay the rocket's detonation until the trigger was released, thus detonating the rocket and dropping a napalm canister, which leaves a huge swath of fire that excels at crowd control, area denial, and damage over time.


"Burn the world. Burn it all."
— Dragon's Breath

From the labs of Feizel Crux and Victor Lomar comes another shoulder assault offering built to match the incendiary fury of a legendary beast — or at least classic depictions of it.

Carrying three rockets, each equipped with Solar Flare detonators, its power is believed to far outmatch those of the mythical flying monster, but we're still hoping an actual showdown between the two will put an end to that argument.

Destiny 2[edit]


  • Composite Propellant: Rockets embed themselves in struck targets and periodically eject incendiary fuel that inflicts Scorch. The longer this goes without firing, the more fuel the next rocket contains..
  • Volatile Launch: This weapon is optimized for an especially explosive payload. Greatly increases blast radius. Slightly decreases handling speed. Slightly decreases projectile speed.
  • Black Powder: This weapon's explosives are more effective. Slightly increases blast radius. Decreases stability.
  • High Octane: Igniting nearby targets partially replinishes fuel. This weapon refills itself from reserves upon gaining maximum fuel.
  • Short-Action Stock: This weapon is especially easy to grip. Greatly increases handling speed.


This catalyst is unlocked after completing a quest from Banshee-44 and upon upgrading it will gain the following perks:

Pyromancer: This weapon replenishes its fuel faster. Defeating targets with this weapon causes them to periodically drop Firesprites.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.


"You buying?" asks the bored clerk.

Ariadne isn't listening. She scowls at the display case. "Look at this thing, Enoch. How is it a dragon? It's barely a shark. Crux should have called it Shark's Breath."

"Shark's Breath doesn't sound dangerous. Unless you're underwater, I guess," Enoch says. At his side, Marcus studies the case.

"Exactly! While my dragon has been legally recognized as cool." Ariadne points to the gleaming crimson dragon painted along the side of her Sparrow. "No contest."

"Could be a contest," Marcus says. He looks to the clerk. "Do you do samples?"

Ariadne's eyes light up.

Twenty minutes later at the City's outskirts with waivers signed, Enoch hoists the rocket launcher onto his shoulder. Its shark's face grins at Ariadne.

"You can do it," says Didi. She and Ghost hover above the group, ready to record.

"Ari, you get five seconds head start so you'd better gun it," Marcus says. "And… Go!"

Ariadne's Sparrow screeches away as Enoch counts, fires, and lowers the rocket launcher.

"You really think this is a race Gris can win?" Enoch asks. The rocket arcs towards her, bright in the sky.

Marcus leans in and claps his shoulder.

"Not a chan—"

A ball of flame rises from the landscape as the rocket impacts the Sparrow.

"Now that's cinema," Didi says, satisfied.


  • The general shape and muzzle art of the weapon bear a resemblance to that of the Curtis P-40 Warhawk and the flying tiger warplanes, which also inspired the look of the M7057 flamethrower from the Halo series.


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