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Enoch Bast
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"Marcus. Did you see me? I did it. I won. I WON. Maybe… maybe I don't have to give up. 'Enoch Bast, Champion Sparrow Racer' sounds better than 'Enoch Bast, Grunt Who's Really Good at Patrols'. Time to enjoy this."
— Enoch's thoughts after winning the Crimson Cup[1]

Enoch Bast is a Titan who was friends with Marcus Ren and a member of the Sparrow Racing League.


During the fall of The Last City, Enoch and his fellow Guardians lost their connection to the Light when the Cabal's Red Legion attached a cage to the Traveler. As he fled the ruins of the City, Enoch came across his friend Marcus Ren injured with a broken leg and being strangled by a Centurion. He charged the Centurion, freed Marcus from its grasp, and proceeded to fight the Cabal in hand-to-hand combat. Emerging victorious, Enoch returned to his barely conscious friend and gathered him into his arms to safely carry him out of the Last City.[2]

Following the reclamation of the Last City and the restoration of the Guardians' Light by the Traveler's reawakening, Enoch returned to competing in the Sparrow Racing League. He competed against Marcus in the Crimson Cup. Although he was in second place behind Marcus, he despaired about ever earning enough to make a living as a racer in the league and decided that he would sell his Sparrow to buy enough supplies to go back to working patrols full-time. When he noticed his friend glancing back at him, he despaired about ever beating Marcus in a race but vowed he would always be there to help his friend on the battlefield. However, Marcus' Sparrow began to malfunction, allowing Enoch to catch up and pull ahead of Marcus to win the Crimson Cup. As he celebrated, Enoch decided that he would continue to be a racer and enjoy his newfound fame.[1]

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