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City's Military Branch


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"When a terrible threat rises, Guardians look to the Vanguard, the closest thing they have to a command structure. These elite veterans coordinate the reports of roaming Hunters, the analyses of cloistered Warlocks, and the instincts of grizzled Titans into a single plan of action."
Grimoire Description.

The Vanguard are elite Guardians who coordinate the Last City's defenses, organize assaults on enemy strongholds and assassinations of their leaders, and mentor newly-risen Guardians. Some Guardians work directly for the Vanguard as scouts, investigating potential threats to the City far afield.


The members of the Vanguard sell armor specific to their class, as well as guide players through story content via Quests. The Vanguard also sells weapons, armor and equipment through their Quartermaster, Roni 55-30. The Vanguard guides the player through the base game's questline and each subclass quest, as well as playing an important role in organizing a resistance against Oryx during the Taken War. Vanguard Reputation is gained by completing Vanguard Bounties, Strikes, or missions while on Patrol.[1]

As a result of the invasion of the Last City led by Dominus Ghaul, the destruction of the Tower and the onset of the Red War, the Vanguard has been thrown into disarray. While the Vanguards leadership survived the initial invasion, they became displaced and questioned over how they would overcome the Red Legion.

However, they were reunited by The Guardian, and fought in the Red War against the Red Legion and Ghaul. After the successful liberation of the City and the awakening of the Traveler, the Vanguard set up a new base near the ruins of the old Tower.

Over a year since the Red War ended, the Vanguard would tragically lose a member. Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6, while on mission with the Guardian to contain a massive prison break within the Prison of Elders, finds himself beaten and his Ghost destroyed by the Fallen Scorn Barons. Worse, the Scorn's leader, the previously missing Uldren Sov, takes Cayde's weapon, the Ace of Spades, and murders Cayde in cold blood. His death leaves the Guardian Hunters without a leader and uncertain of their future. Though Uldren and the Scorn would know defeat at the Guardian's hands, who would assume Cayde-6's place remains unknown.

Currently, the remaining members of the Vanguard and other officials are considering who will assume Cayde's role as Hunter Vanguard. Unfortunately, what Hunters that have the skill and leadership to take the position fled the City in anticipation (or fear) of being chosen.

As seen in Shadowkeep the Vanguard forces also consist of Frame, Drake Tank and Hawk gunships. Vanguard frames appear in the first mission of Shadowkeep known as A Mysterious Disturbance where they are named as Vanguard Frontline. They are also located on the Moon patrol zone in Sanctuary where they protect the Vanguard outpost occupied by Eris Morn.

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  • In real-world military terminology, the vanguard is the leading advance force of a military formation responsible for scouting ahead and securing ground for the main force.

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