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Second Hunter Vanguard
Original owner of Caliban's Hand


"Don't you do this, Lulah. Don't you leave me here! I can't do it!"
— Caliban-8 as Tallulah goes all in and accepts her fate.

Caliban-8 was a Hunter who served the Vanguard and was a friend of Hunter Vanguard Tallulah Fairwind, having taken a Vanguard Dare to replace her.


At some point, Caliban and Tallulah Fairwind found themselves playing a game of cards against an Ahamkara, with Caliban serving as the dealer. Tallulah ended up placing her life on the line as part of the game and Caliban begged her not to go through with the bet as he did not want her to die or be stuck with the job of Hunter Vanguard. However, Tallulah lost and followed through on allowing the Ahamkara to devour her, tossing her Combat Bow to Caliban and wishing him luck before she perished.[1]

Some time later, Caliban sits in his office, idly throwing heated knives into the ceiling. Before heating another knife he wonders to himself how he is supposed to fill the boots of Talullah, who could inspire the notoriously unruly Hunters to come together. He wished he had cheated the Ahamkara who killed Tallulah, even if he'd have died as well, to escape this responsibility. After throwing another knife into the ceiling, The Speaker arrives at his door. The Speaker remarks on the Hunter Vanguard's boredom, to which Caliban replies that Hunters are not used to the calm of the tower. The Speaker mentions the knives lodged in the ceiling and says that he must collect them, as well as his Hunters. Caliban cannot think of a comeback as The Speaker exits the room, telling him to take all the time he needs.[2]

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