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"...three words, nine word bursts over and over..."
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Battle of the Forges


The Almighty Crisis

Haunting of the Moon
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Hidden Swarm:


Sol Divisive:

House of Dusk

  • Countless Hive

  • Thousands of Nightmares
  • Countless Vex platforms
  • Unknown
  • Thousands of Hive
  • Thousands of Vex platforms
  • Hundreds of Fallen

The Guardian: "What is that Pyramid?"
Eris Morn: "You've heard the stories. Of the Traveler's sacrifice. Of Darkness descending upon humanity. Before us lies a dark remnant of their existence. Was it struck down by the Traveler? Left here on purpose? The truth is ours to discover."
— The Guardian sees the Pyramids for the first time.

The Haunting of the Moon was a massive conflict between Guardians and the Hive of the Hidden Swarm on the Moon after a sudden awakening by the Lunar Pyramid. In that conflict, Guardians fought against the Hive brood and Nightmares that were conjured due to the Pyramid's awakening.



Years later after the death of Crota and Oryx, the Hive on the Moon were left scattered and leaderless. The broods on the Moon would be consolidated into the ranks of the Hidden Swarm, but they would retain their faith in the Sword Logic while the daughters of Crota Hashladûn, Besurith, Voshyr, and Kinox held faith in the belief of Oryx's return, and schemed to return their linage to greatness. They planned to use the power of the Lunar Pyramid to conjure back their king. [1]

However, the champion known as Zulmak, Instrument of Torment became a strong candidate for leadership and a threat to the daughters' plans.[2] Meanwhile the siblings Akrazul, Avazath, and Malkanth planned to assassinate the Daughters of Crota. [3]They would begin a ritual that would place Akrazul's essence in Avazath's body. Akrazul would begin to hear whispers telling him he was a pawn of Malkanth, in a fit of rage he killed Malkanth and vowed to make the Hidden Swarm suffer. [4] He would challenge and slay Zulmak, [5] however he would be killed by Avazath now known as Ir Airâm, Deathsinger, who had now possessed the body of her Malkanth.

Later the daughters of Crota would be greeted by Savathûn, the Witch Queen, she encouraged them to take control of the Hidden Swarm and be what the Hive needed to challenge the Guardians and build a fortress. The Witch Queen would also offer them the essence of Zulmak so he could be resurrected as a puppet champion and a choir of Deathsingers led by Ir Airâm. The Daughters would accept, successfully unite the Hidden Swarm under their leadership and begin constructing the fortress known as the Scarlet Keep. However, unknown to them, this was a trick by Savathûn as she was the one who influenced the three siblings and placed Azavath in the body of Malkanth with the promise she would lead the choir. This was done so they would attract the attention of the Guardians who would kill the Daughters of Crota as she believed Oryx's bloodline had run its course. [6]

Awakening of the Nightmares[edit]

When Eris Morn began to hear whispers from her, leading her deep into the Moon. She would find and touch a black surface, unknowingly releasing a curse upon the Moon and summoning a phantom of a member of her fireteam.

Due to the Hidden Swarm's re-emergence and this disturbance, the Guardian would be sent to investigate. They would fight through forces of the Hidden Swarm, defeating an Eye of the Swarm and Gothrax, Protector of the Swarm, and would descend into the Scarlet Keep.

Going deep into the Scarlet Keep, the Guardian would encounter strange Thralls that Ghost stated we’re not actually Hive and had an unfamiliar energy signature. Pursuing further they would see strange phantoms and discover the source of the disturbance to be a Pyramid deep beneath Luna. They would continue to go closer and discover a strange aura, when they get closer this summons the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx. The Guardian would attempt to defeat the Nightmare but would fail, as the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul and the Nightmare of the Fanatic appeared. Eris Morn would use her magic to teleport the Guardian to her.

Upon being teleported, the Guardian would ask Eris what that Pyramid was. She would tell them that they knew the story of The Traveler's sacrifice and the Darkness descending upon Humanity and that this Pyramid was a remnant of its existence. Eris would explain that these phantoms were Nightmares, created by the Lunar Pyramid. Seeking to end this, Eris would explain that they must breach the Lunar Pyramid.

Investigating the Disturbance[edit]

Arriving at the base that was set up near Sorrow's Harbor, the Guardian speaks with Eris. She speaks about how the Nightmares of Crota, Ghaul, and the Fanatic now confront them and how the Nightmares of her friends return with a malice they never had. Eris orders them to investigate the Hive's behaviour to learn more.

When the Ghost asks where they must go, Eris explains that they must understand the Pyramid in order to enter it. She believed the Hive might have the answers they need as they have lived near the Pyramid for eons, and that due to the construction of the Scarlet Keep they clearly knew of its existence.

To learn more the Guardian arrives at the Altars of Sorrow to discover the Hive preparing a ritual. They discover that the Hive were attempting to draw in the Nightmares for a ritual and the Nightmares appear to not affect them. Eris would state that they must learn how they have achieved that as that was the way to discovering how to enter the Pyramid. However, she is interrupted by the horrifying scream of a Hive Wizard. Ghost would remark they sounded like Omnigul and they must return back to the campsite.

Speaking with Eris once again, she would explain that the Nightmare of Sai Mota screamed like when Omnigul tore Sai Mota apart and silenced her. Eris would reveal that a Nightmare of Omnigul swept through the camp and she only survived due to the Essence of Despair, which they retrieved from the Nightmare of Crota. She would explain that the essence might assist them against the Nightmares and the Pyramid. Giving them the Essence, Eris would send them to purify it.

After they successfully cleanse the essence, the Guardian returns to Eris who uses it to craft a piece of Dreambane Armor to give them protection against the Nightmares. She then sends them to hunt the Nightmare of Omnigul and retrieve its essence. Beginning their hunt, the Guardian arrives at The World's Grave and defeats the Nightmare of Omnigul, retrieving the Essence of Anguish.

Infiltrating the Scarlet Keep[edit]

Returning to Eris, she would be unable to cleanse the essence due to being out of Hive curios. She had discovered a dark power that the Hive possessed within the Scarlet Keep that could be what was protecting them from the Nightmares and what they needed to create more Dreambane Armor. Thus a fireteam led by the Guardian is sent to infiltrate the Scarlet Keep and learn more about this power.

Entering the Scarlet Keep, the Guardians fight their way through the forces of the Hidden Swarm. Eris explains that the tower at the Scarlet Keep might be where the Hive archives their immunity to the Nightmares. Upon arriving at the bridge to the tower, Hashladûn appears and the bridge leading to the rest of the Keep lifts away from before she teleports away. To break the spell to lower the bridge, the fireteam places Void charges into two ritual circles while fighting off Hive. With the bridge lowered they activate Altars to activate the gate leading to the Tower of Woe. At the top of the Tower, they confront Hashladûn and despite her power and strength, kill her, allowing the Guardians to retrieve a tablet mentioning a Cryptoglyph.

Delving into the Hellmouth[edit]

Upon returning to Eris, she would explain that the Hidden Swarm were using the Cryptoglyph to protect themselves from the Nightmares. The Guardian would be ordered by Eris to infiltrate the Hellmouth and find the Cryptoglyph of Hashladûn located in the Catacombs.

Entering the depths of the Hellmouth, the Guardian makes their way to the Catacombs, closely located to the Lunar Pyramid. They discover the Cryptoglyph and kill Besurith, fighting through the forces of Hive before escaping. Returning to Eris, she tells them they must forge more Dreambane Armor before entering the Pyramid.

In order to look at the Pyramid with her own eyes, Ikora Rey arrives on the Moon, wondering how long it has been here. Eris appears and states it has been here to long, as she is being tormented by the Nightmares of her fireteam. Ikora tells Eris she feels responsible, but Eris says her responsibility is her own and that she hasn’t come here to apologize. Ikora explains she has come here to tell Eris she was right and the one behind the Collapse is returning. Overwhelmed by the torment of her Nightmares, Eris orders them to be silent, Ikora tells her the Vanguard is at her disposal, sending the Guardian to continue their work with Eris.

Confronting Past Foes[edit]

To create more Dreambane Armor, the Guardian is sent to defeat more Nightmares and retrieve their essence. First, they hunt and defeat the Nightmare of Skolas, Kell of Kells in the Traitor's Ketch. Then, they travel into the depths of the Hellmouth once more and defeat the Nightmare of Phogoth, the Untamed in the The Summoning Pits. Finally, they defeat the Nightmare of Taniks, the Scarred in the Temple of Crota. Retrieving enough essence to create a full set of Dreambane armor, the Guardian is ready to enter the Lunar Pyramid.

Breaching the Lunar Pyramid[edit]

Now fully prepared to enter the Pyramid, the Guardian infiltrates the Scarlet Keep and travels deep into the surface of the Moon. Fighting their way through hordes of Hive and making their way to where the Pyramid resides. Ghost senses that the Pyramid is waiting. After defeating more Hive, Ghost states that the Pyramid beckons them to come closer. Upon coming closer, the Guardian begins to get pulled in by a tracker beam, as Ghost's voice is possessed by the Voice in the Darkness, The Witness. The Witness declares that violence, beauty, and truth resided inside and there was no turning back now. Upon entering the Lunar Pyramid, the Witness welcomes the Guardian.

Travelling down the hallways of the Pyramid, The Guardian confronts and defeats the Nightmares of Dominus Ghaul, the Fanatic, and Crota. The Witness reminds them of the Light's failures such as the Red War, the death of Cayde-6, and the Great Disaster, declaring that in Light there was only weakness, only failure, and only death. The Guardian then climbs upstairs where a statue resides. An artifact appears and the Guardian interacts with it, giving them a vision in the Black Garden, where the Witness taking their form and appearance walks towards them. It declares it has heard their cries for help and it will soon answer. When the Guardian asks what it is it claims it is neither their friend nor enemy, but their "Salvation". After the vision ends, the Guardian returns to Eris with the mysterious artifact.

Nightmare Hunts[edit]

After successfully breaching the Lunar Pyramid, the Guardian continues their assault against the Nightmares on the Moon. Eris Morn sends Guardians on Nightmare Hunts to defeat the Nightmares resurrected by the Lunar Pyramid. Even with the death of Hashladûn and Besurith, the Hidden Swarm continued to remain a threat. They would plan to gain Darkness Essence by sacrificing Nightmares at the Altars of Sorrow. However Guardians would arrive to foil their plans, defeating the Nightmares of Phogoth and Taniks once more, and the Nightmare of Zydron, Gate Lord.

Garden of Salvation[edit]

The artifact that the Guardian received from the Lunar Pyramid sent out a signal deep within the Black Garden. With the discovery of a portal on the Black Garden on the Moon, the Guardian leads a fireteam to enter the Black Garden. They fight their way through the forces of the Sol Divisive, defeating the Consecrated Mind, Sol Inherent, and later the Sanctified Mind, Sol Inherent. The fireteam then discovered a Pyramid Scale forming shortly after the Mind's defeat, which led them to an identical statue to the one in the Lunar Pyramid.

Return of the Undying Mind[edit]

Shortly after the destruction of the Sol Inherent, The Undying Mind would return. It would create hundreds of thousands of copies of itself across different timelines. It would direct the Divisive to begin an invasion of Luna, seeking to claim the Moon due to being attracted to the dark presence of the Pyramid.

Due to the Vex presence, Ikora Rey would order the Guardian to speak to Eris Morn, who would order them to hold off the Vex invasion. The Guardian would enter the Black Garden, defeat Vex forces, and destroy Crotheon, Gate Keeper. After the Guardians' assault in the Black Garden, Ikora Rey determined that the Undying Mind had returned and was attempting to recreate the Black Heart. Knowing that the Undying Mind had created many copies of itself across different timelines, Ikora would instruct the Guardian to retrieve Vex chassis components so they could build a portal and destroy the Undying Mind across every timeline.

Severing the Nightmares of Eris Morn's Fireteam[edit]

Seeking to banish the Nightmares of her fireteam, Eris Morn would ask the Guardian for assistance. She would send them to recover the necklace of Sai Mota. The Guardian would defeat Nightmares and recover the necklace. They would return to Eris who was being tormented by her Nightmares and would give her the necklace. Eris would use it to banish the Nightmare of Sai Mota, remarking that Sai taught her how to use a knife to carve beads.

Returning to Eris Morn, the Guardian would continue to assist her in severing her Nightmares. They would defeat Nightmares, discover the fragments of Vell Tarlowe's mark and reforge it. They would return to Eris as the Nightmare of Vell Tarlowe was impaled by the axe of Alak-Hul, the Darkblade and she fell to her knees, overwhelmed by her grief. The Guardian would give Eris the mask and she would use it to banish the Nightmare, stating that Vell used it to forge a link with every life he rescued and that one of those was for her.

The Guardian would then discover the journal of Toland, however some of the pages were missing. Searching across the Moon, the Guardian retrieves the missing pages of Toland's journal and returns to Eris Morn. The Nightmare of Toland was mocking Eris for failing to understand their enemies. Giving Eris the journal, she banishes the Nightmare of Toland stating that he must have known about the Pyramid's existence and chose to say nothing.

With only two of Eris's Nightmares remaining, the Guardian defeats Nightmares across the Moon once more to retrieve the throwing knives of Omar Agah. They return to Eris as she states she tried to save Omar and how this phantom was not him. The Guardian gives the retrieved throwing knives to Eris and she uses them to banish the Nightmare of Omar Agah. She comes to the conclusion that Omar made the talisman for her.

Now with only the Nightmare of Eriana-3 remaining, the Guardian defeats enemy forces and discovers Eriana's lost letters from Wei Ning. Upon returning to Eris, she would state that she knew this phantom of Eriana was not truly the friend she knew, with Eriana herself saying 5hat she did not want to be remembered this way. Giving her the letters, Eris banishes the Nightmare of Eriana-3 and is finally at peace with the fates of her friends. The Ghost asked Eris if Eriana-3 carried the letters sent to her by Wei Ning, Eris confirms this and remarks that Eriana used it to remind her of what they were fighting for.

Pit of Hersey[edit]

Due to the Hidden Swarm's disturbance below the Scarlet Keep, Eris Morn would send a Guardian fireteam to investigate their activity. They travel beneath the Scarlet Keep, defeating hordes of Hive to arrive at the Cradle of Damnation. There, they encounter Zulmak, Instrument of Torment, who was resurrected as a Nightmare Hybrid by the two surviving daughters of Crota, Voshyr and Kinox. Despite its power and strength, they would slay the champion of Hersey.

Destruction of the Undying Mind[edit]

With the beacon of the portal finally constructed, Ikora Rey and Zavala defeat the Undying Mind in two dozen timelines. Then, they task Guardians with using the portal to destroy the Undying Mind. The Guardians confront the Undying Mind across many different timelines. Despite its power, the Guardians succeed in destroying the ancient Axis Mind in a matter of weeks. Bring an end to the possible threat of the return of the Black Heart.


Even after breaching the Lunar Pyramid, Nightmares would continue to resurface, Guardian fireteams would continue to be assembled to defeat these Nightmares and prevent the Pyramid from spreading its influence.

The defeat of the Undying Mind resulted in the end of the Sol Divisive's invasion, however forces of the division continue to occupy the Moon. The Undying Mind's destruction fractured time on Mercury. Niruul, the Hollow Voice, Ozletc, the Sky Piercer, and Tazaroc, the Sun Eater discover the Sundial, they begin their plans to rewrite history where the Red Legion wins the war.

Due to the death of their sisters, Voshyr and Kinox go into hiding, They have their own children to continue their families legacy. Voshyr has two daughters Ayriax and Yishra, while Kinox has a son known as Ulg'Urin. Seeking to wrestle the Hidden Swarm from Savathûn's influence, Xivu Arath, God of War sends her High Celebrant to meet with the Scarlet Court and bring them under her influence. When the meeting was taking place, they would be confronted by Osiris who would slay Crota's remaining lineage, however he would be defeated and overwhelmed by an Echo of Xivu Arath. To save the Legendary Warlock, his Ghost Sagira sacrifices herself to save him. With Osiris lightless and vulnerable, Savathûn appears and replaces Osiris.

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