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Traitor's Ketch



Enemy Factions:

House of Wolves

Connecting Areas:

Dusk Warren

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Traitor's Ketch, also known as the Wolfship Kaliks-Syn[1], is a location in Ocean of Storms, Moon. It is only accessible during The Shadow Thief Strike and an alternate ending of Lost to Light Story mission. Traitor's Ketch is the personal ship of the Fallen mercenary Taniks, the Scarred and his crew. It is also a possible location in the upcoming expansion Shadowkeep and appears to have crashed into the surface of Luna. This Ketch along with the one belonging to Skolas means that the House of Wolves during the Wolf Rebellion were in possession of two ketches. It is the only ketch that has been seen displaying the insignia of a house.

Guardians enter the Ketch via a "Lift Field Distortion" as quoted by Variks and you are brought to a room that overlooks the Lunar surface. From there you enter room with a servitor on the left hand side, this will be the second time you encounter Taniks the Scarred which guardians are forced to fight at close range. The room has ample cover but with the amount of Fallen along with Ultras it is advised that guardians keep moving and focus on eliminating ads first before focusing on Taniks. He will retreat farther down the room and summon more fallen to his side until he teleports out of sight. This room seems generic in design with the only part of note being the servitor that has yet to be identified.

In the next room Guardians will come across is a far more spacious arena where a Spider Tank will jump down from the ceiling. There will be Fallen snipers on a catwalk above the walker and ads dotted throughout. The amount of fallen and how they are placed makes it difficult for a fireteam to strategize as every avenue of flanking is protected which in turn constricts the amount of room guardians can move. This makes it far easier for the far away tank to make clean kills which also increases the effectiveness of its splash damage. It should also be known that the more health that is taken away from the tank it will cause enemies to spawn in close proximity to the fireteam with the most deadly of them being swarms of exploder shanks. The amount of strategizing needed to defeat the tank almost upstages the encounter with Taniks himself.

After destroying the tank a door will open to which Taniks will teleport and attempt to use the cramped corridor to make short work of a fireteam. It is suggested that guardians force Taniks to appear before retreating back to the tank room and dealing damage to him from there. You will then play a brief game of cat and mouse with Taniks before he confronts you in what can only be described as the engine room of the Ketch. He will spawn on a central platform and will stay there before some of his health is taken away. He will then retreat to the far left corner of the room, note that there is a vantage point in the form of a platform over Taniks. If Taniks is not killed here he will spawn behind the player. Once Taniks is killed guardians will be given use of his Scorch Cannon and an endless wave of fallen will appear until the timer runs out.

In Shadowkeep the Ketch now under the control of the House of Dusk is being stripped for parts to build a new base for the fracturing group, entire chunks of the craft have been stripped off leaving nothing more than a shell. A phantom of Taniks resurrected by the Darkness may come to return to the ketch citing that the new threat may be more than just shadows from our past and in truth may be more alive than we have come to think. What was once a imposing shape above Luna is now nothing more than a means to survive to the Fallen that have now chewed up and draped the once proud symbol of Elinski engineering.

Points of Interest[edit]

  • Much like the Wintership Simiks-Fel, there is a pilot servitor that can be seen in one in one of the first rooms that you enter, it cannot be attacked.
  • In the final room in which Taniks is confronted several Spider Tanks can be seen hanging from conveyer belts on the ceiling.
  • Outside on the side of the ship the House of Wolves insignia can be seen, this feature is unique among Fallen ships and has not been seen since.
  • Traitor's Ketch along with Skolas' personal Ketch seem to have a different hull colour when compared to other ships, from what can be seen even with a sniper the ships under the control of the House of Wolves seem to have a blue tint to them.

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