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Massive War Mech

Technical specifications


Heavily Armored


Arc Turrets
Servitor Rockets
Annihilation Blaster
Missile Strikes


Servitor (Insurrection Prime)
Engine Cores



Heavy Assault Vehicle


Kell's Scourge
House of Salvation
House of Dusk
House of Devils

"Technology taken from the Kell's Scourge. Another splintered house, united under Eramis."
Variks, the Loyal

A Brig is a unique class of war machines used by the Fallen. It first made its debut through Insurrection Prime, who was used to invade the Last City and break into the Black Armory for the Kell's Scourge.

Sometime after the death of their leader, former members of the Scourge joined the House of Salvation and shared their innovation for mass production.[1] Brigs feature prominently across Europa and these new models have engine cores similar to Fallen Walkers.



During a secret incursion to occupy a desolate district of the Last City, the Kell's Scourge stole phase technology from the Black Armory's vault and integrated it with their own Fallen technology by kitbashing a Walker mech and a Prime Servitor together to create the war machine Insurrection Prime as the first of its kind.

In response, the Vanguard dispatched a fireteam to raid the Scourge's occupied territory, securing the vault and destroying the war machine.

Beyond Light[edit]

Following a few years since Insurrection Prime's appearance and rampage, inferior but mass-produced copies of it began appearing under the banner of Eramis, the newly proclaimed Kell of Darkness. Identified as Brigs, they were sourced from remnants of the Kell’s Scourge syndicate who had joined Eramis’s House Salvation.[1] The majority of these war mechs appear to be smaller versions in comparison to Insurrection Prime. The smaller versions of these war machines are labeled Brigs while the much larger variants - similar in size to Insurrection Prime - are labelled Commodores.

Some time following Eramis's incapacitation and the deaths of her Dark Council members, Brigs began to appear in the hands of the House of Dusk elsewhere in the system, presumably sourced by defectors from the decapitated House of Salvation.[2] [note 1]


Brigs are a dangerous and challenging opponent to face on the battlefield, both with their high durability and arsenal of weapons to hammer Guardians with. They are equipped with the same weapons as the Insurrection Prime; a pair of front-mounted Arc turrets, an arm cannon that fires Void blasts, a retractable launcher to bombard players with volleys of missiles from above and an Annihilation Blaster mounted on the other side, which can deal tremendous Solar damage and can potentially kill a Guardian in a single hit.

They will stride around, firing on players with their Arc turrets while occasionally using either their Void cannon or airstrike missiles, but when they lose a significant portion of their health, their face plate will blow off, exposing their engine core weak point. In this state they will hover stationary in the air while firing repeatedly with their Annihilation Blaster until either they or their target has been killed. There are two variants of Brigs. Those with right arm mounted cannons and those without. The one's without said cannons constantly have their retractable launchers deployed and almost exclusively attack via missile bombardments. These brigs also feature a different set of lights/sensors along their frontal plate with one large sensor and four smaller one's instead of six equally sized.

Notable Brigs[edit]

Kell's Scourge[edit]

House of Salvation[edit]


  • The Brig also appears in old concept art for the 5 playable races.
  • In the trailers for Beyond Light, some of the House of Salvation's Brigs featured Black Armory weapons, however later and in-game none do.
  • The House of Salvation Brigs appear in one of two colors; dominantly White or dominantly Blue with fur. White Brigs are exclusively armed with missile launchers while Blue Brigs are equipped with Void arm cannons. Larger White Brigs with fur appear as special encounters and are also equipped with Void cannons and have more durability.
  • According to Variks, the Loyal Brigs are technology taken from the Kell's Scourge but the difference between a Brig and the Insurrection Prime, Kell's Scourge is that a Brig is powered by a core, similar to those in a Fallen Walker, while Insurrection Prime is piloted by a Servitor.
  • Although the Brig appears to be exclusive to the House of Salvation, at least two have been encountered utilised by the House of Dusk, even bearing their colour scheme. However, Dusk Brigs have only been encountered in the Destiny 2 port of the Devils' Lair strike, specifically supporting the Walker guarding the entrance to the House of Devils lair. As the original audio and Sepiks Prime boss were ported with the strike itself, including Ghost referencing the Dusk Eliksni as 'Devils,' the canonical inclusion of the Brigs within the House of Dusk's arsenal is further put to question.


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  1. ^ The return of the Devils’ Lair and Fallen S.A.B.E.R. in Destiny 2 are non-canon, meaning certain units never seen before would be non-canon as well.