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This article is about the general Fallen war machine. For the Fallen House of Salvation variant, see Brig, House Salvation.
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Salvation White
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Dusk Major
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Production information




Bipedal War Mech

Technical specifications

Other system(s):

Hover Rockets


Heavily Armored


ArcS.png Electrocution Bolts
VoidS.png Death Cannon
SolarS.png Annihilation Blaster
SolarS.png Spitfire
SolarS.png Fiery Burst


Servitor (Insurrection Prime)
Engine Cores


Year introduced:

Battle of the Forges


Heavy Assault Vehicle


Kell's Scourge
House of Salvation
House of Dusk
House of Devils (Non-canon)


"Technology taken from the Kell's Scourge. Another splintered house, united under Eramis."
Variks, the Loyal

Brigs are bipedal war machines used by the Fallen. The first to be encountered was Insurrection Prime, which was used to invade the Last City and break into the Black Armory for the Kell's Scourge.

Sometime after the death of their leader, former members of the Scourge joined the House of Salvation and shared their design for mass production.[1] Brigs feature prominently across Europa, with these new models having engine cores similar to Fallen Walkers. They would eventually be adopted by the remnants of the House of Dusk.



During a secret incursion to occupy a desolate district of the Last City, the Kell's Scourge stole phase technology from the Black Armory's vault and integrated it with their own Fallen technology by kitbashing a Walker mech and a Prime Servitor together to create the war machine Insurrection Prime as the first of its kind.

In response, the Vanguard dispatched a fireteam to raid the Scourge's occupied territory, securing the vault and destroying the war machine.

Rise of Salvation[edit]

Following a few years since Insurrection Prime's appearance and rampage, inferior mass-produced copies of the mech began appearing under the banner of Eramis, the newly proclaimed Kell of Darkness. Identified as Brigs, they were sourced from remnants of the Kell's Scourge syndicate who had joined Eramis's House Salvation.[1] The majority of these war mechs appear to be smaller versions in comparison to Insurrection Prime, though a few rival it in size, though still inferior in destructive power.

Though the production of Brigs on Europa has been compromised multiple times by Vanguard operations, the plans for these machines would still manage to slip out of the icy moon, and be adopted by other grops of Fallen across the Sol System.[2] Over the years, a number of these machines have also fallen under the sway of Xivu Arath, God of War, even becoming Wrathborn.


Brigs are a dangerous and challenging opponent to face on the battlefield, both with their high durability and arsenal of weapons to hammer Guardians with. All Brigs are armed with Arc Electrocution Bolt turrets that fire from their lower chassis, and can overload their repulsors to unleash a devastating Solar Fiery Burst in melee area attack. Smaller Brigs can be armed either with an extra arm mounting a Void Death Cannon turret, which can unleash a barrage similar to the Servitor Eye, but much faster, or with back mounted missile racks that allow them to bombard their foes with a Solar Spitfire barrage. When a Brig's frontal plate is blown off, it gains the ability to hover, and deploys its Annihilation Blaster, which can fire highly lethal Solar explosives at a very fast rate. Brigs can unleash many shots before needing to land again, but will resume hovering soon after. Giant Brigs are armed with all of these systems at the same time, with increased power to match their size.

Defensively, Brigs are surprisingly agile. Despite their walk speed being very slow, they can quickly reposition themselves using their hover jets, allowing them to dodge attacks. Brigs have no critical spots until they are reduced to about a quarter health, which is when their front plate will detach. Smaller Brigs can appear as Minors, Elites and Majors, and as Vehicle enemies, they resist several adverse conditions, but are still vulnerable to Freezing and Suspension.

Notable Brigs[edit]

Kell's Scourge
House of Salvation



Insurrection Prime

Fallen Brigs

House of Dusk

Brig Concept Art

Beyond Light Trailers


  • The Brig can be first seen in the 5 playable races concept art.
  • The early Beyond Light trailers feature pre-Alpha models of Brigs with distinctly different paint jobs and armed with Black Armory weapons. These however do not appear in the official release of Beyond Light.
  • The House of Salvation Brigs appear in one of two colors; dominantly White or dominantly Blue with fur.
    • White Brigs are exclusively armed with missile launchers.
    • Blue Brigs have fur and are equipped with Void arm cannons.
    • Larger White Brigs with fur appear as special encounters and are also equipped with Void cannons and have more durability.
  • The Brigs make a non-canon appearance in the remastered Devils' Lair strike and notably feature House of Dusk insignia. However they would finally have an actual appearance in the PsiOps Battleground: Cosmodrome
    • Interestingly, Major Dusk brigs have gold insignias instead of the usual purple.

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