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Enforcer Brig
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The Enforcer Brig is a unique major class of war machines used by the Fallen House of Salvation. Unlike their regular Brigs counterparts, they are far more heavily armoured and randomly deployed across Europa.

They feature similar weaponry to Insurrection Prime aside from not having Black Armory Arsenal. Also unlike regular Brigs, they always appear the same - predominantly dark blue with little to no white.


Enforcer Brigs are highly durable and require sustainable damage from multiple Guardians to defeat. They will spawn into the map as an high value target who drops Loot. Unlike the other Brig counterparts, Enforcer Brigs have a higher lighter level which makes them admirable foes.

They are equipped with the same weapons as normal Brigs, a pair of front-mounted Arc turrets, an arm cannon that fires Void blasts, a retractable launcher to bombard players with volleys of missiles from above and an Annihilation Blaster mounted on the other side, which can potentially kill a Guardian in a single hit. Getting close to an Enforcer will see it unleash a lethal ground stomp attack.

Defeating a Enforcer Brig can potentially grant players Herealways Pieces or European weapons and armor


  • Enforcer Brigs have already grown infamous through the Community as Bullet Sponges ruining people's gameplay early on.


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