Nymeks, Fourth Broken Knight

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Nymeks, Fourth Broken Knight
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Combat information


Warlord's Ruin


SolarS.png Scorn Blaster


KineticS.png Melee
High Durability
Summon Hex Totem


Nymeks, Fourth Broken Knight is a Scorn Chieftain and ones of the Knights of Fikrul, the Fanatic sent to recruit former members of the House of Kings who were raised as Scorn by the corruption of the Ahamkara Hefnd.


Nymeks appears in the final encounter of Warlord's Ruin against Hefnd's Vengeance, Blighted Chimaera. It will spawn alongside Sirloks, Fifth Broken Knight on parallel sides once the Guardians have destroyed the six Blighted Eyes around the Chimera. Once Nymeks is slain, it will drop a corrupted Ether Totem. It will potentially drop a totem through its attacks. Upon engaging with Nymeks or Sirloks, the Guardians will gain the Imminent Wish buff, which lasts for 29 seconds and allows them to cleanse the totems. When cleansing the totems, the fireteam will gain the Hex of Vengeful Corruption, a debuff that will kill them in 17 seconds. To cleanse themselves of the debuff, Guardians must melee Corrupted Hex-Drinkers to transfer the Hex to them. However Hex-Drinkers can melee them and transfer the Hex back into the Guardians. Once all the Totems and Hexes have been cleansed, the fireteam will gain Naeem's Wish Empowerment, a buff that allows them to damage Hefnd's Vengeance. The length of the buff depends on the amount of totems cleansed.