Drachna, Favored by Incaru

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Drachna, Favored by Incaru
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Savathûn's Brood





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Cimmerian Garrison


KineticS.png Hive Axe


Summon Taken
High Durability
Rapid Movement
Brief Vanish
Berserk Mode


Drachna, Favored by Incaru is a powerful Hive Darkblade Knight who is encountered as the boss of the Cimmerian Garrison Ascendant Challenge, which is located in the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector within the Dreaming City.[1]


Drachna can be found at the end of the Cimmerian Garrison, which can be accessed every six weeks via an Ascendant Portal in the Chamber of Starlight.

If you are successful in traversing the Ascendant Plane and evading the Abyssal Champions, you will come to the final arena: a small, round, floating island, where the boss will arrive alongside several Taken enemies. Like other Darkblade Knights, Drachna will slowly lumber towards the player and try to smash you with their Hive Axe if they get close enough, and is capable of teleporting away and vanishing for several seconds, before reappearing close to your position. Three Shriekers will spawn throughout the arena to assist their master, rapidly bombarding you with bolts of Void energy. Killing all three will cause more to appear and replace them, so it advised that you eliminate two and try to stick to cover as much as you can for the remainder of the fight.

Shadow Thrall will spawn periodically, whilst Taken Phalanxes will spawn whenever Drachna loses a significant amount of health. When they are close to death, the Knight will lose their helmet and become berserk. They will begin to charge at the player and slash at you with their axe when within range, dealing large amounts damage. After Drachna has been defeated, you may collect your Loot from the chest that spawns and exit the Ascendant Challenge through the portal.



  • Drachna's name is one letter off—and possibly derived—from drachma, the former currency of Greece which was used throughout several periods of the country's history.

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