Fields of Glass

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Fields of Glass
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Complete The Gateway

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The Lighthouse


The Fields of Glass is a Destination on Mercury.


Several months after the death of Dominus Ghaul and the turning of the tide in the Red War, Vex activity on Mercury dramatically increased. Apparently, the reawakening of the Traveler and the wave of Light it unleashed was an event the Vex had anticipated, and now that it had come to pass, the Vex had advanced to a new phase of their plans.[1] Guardian forces were dispatched to the Fields of Glass by Ikora Rey, in a bid to find Osiris and stop the Vex from merging with time.[2]. Cabal Red Legion survivors from The Almighty have attempted to occupy the planet, resulting in a stalemate with the Vex forces stationed there.

Points of interest[edit]

Besides Public Events and VIP targets, this location has a lot more activity than a standard destination.

  • When the message "Enemy forces are fighting over a lost treasure" appears, two Axis Harpies will appear. Kill them both to unlock the chest they are guarding.
  • Periodically, two Hobgoblins will appear in one of the four corners of the map underneath a man cannon. Kill them both to activate the cannon. Repeat this two more times to cause an Ultra Minotaur and some regular Goblins to appear at each of the locations. Kill it to receive a chest. This can be done to all 3 Minotaurs that spawn (provided you are quick enough).
  • During a Flashpoint on Mercury, two new boss encounters become available: during the prisoner transfer event, the Brawl gladiator is joined by three shielded Psion Flayers: Vrees, Barit and Rudoc. Another encounter is where the lost treasure encounter adds a powerful Ultra Hydra called a Terminus Keeper that is protected by a large dome shield, forcing players to fight in close quarters. If not defeated quickly enough, the game will display the message "It's barrier depleted, the Terminus Keeper retreats to the depths of the Infinite Forest". Within seconds of this message appearing, the Terminus Keeper will disappear along with the shield.
  • Cabal and Vex Ultras, known as Mercury Conquerors and Mercury Defenders respectively, will spawn frequently. They can be anything from Hobgoblins, Minotaurs, Hydras, Legionaries, Incendiors, Centurions, Colossi. Killing the elite versions of these enemies will drop a loot chest.


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