Tree of Probabilities

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This article is about the Strike on Mercury. For the location, see Infinite Forest.


Deep Storage



Tree of Probabilities


Destiny 2


Curse of Osiris




The Infinite Forest, Mercury


Enter the Infinite Forest
Traverse the Infinite Forest
Track the Cabal
Disable the barrier
Eliminate hostiles
Find the Cabal leader
Defeat Valus Thuun

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Tree of Probabilities is a Strike in Destiny 2 set in the Infinite Forest on Mercury. A fireteam of Guardians are sent back into the Infinite Forest by Osiris to eliminate a Cabal invasion force being generated within.


  • Enter the Infinite Forest
  • Traverse the Infinite Forest
  • Track the Cabal
  • Disable the barrier
  • Eliminate hostiles
  • Find the Cabal leader
  • Defeat Valus Thuun




All dialogue is spoken through the Ghost's comms. [1]


The guardian fireteam transmats to The Lighthouse, opposite the entrance to the Infinite Forest.

  • Ghost: Incoming transmission. Text only. "Forest created copies of Cabal invasion. Eliminate them."- Osiris
  • Ikora: We still can't track you in there, Guardian. No matter how much Asher wishes we could. If you're going in, watch your back.

The fireteam enters the Forest.

  • Ghost: The geometric data I'm reading from this architecture- it's subtly shifting. Like reality trying to decide on a version it likes.
  • Sagira: In the Forest, time itself is in flux.
  • Ghost: I don't like it.
  • Ikora: Osiris says he's the protector of the Forest, but as far as the Vanguard is concerned, this is your territory. Good hunting.
  • Ghost: Looks like the Vex are trying to reestablish control of the Forest.
  • Osiris: They can try. This Forest is mine now.
  • Sagira: The Vanguard would disagree.
  • Osiris: I didn't ask them.

The Guardians exit the Forest and enter the Simulant Present.

  • Ghost: While you were fighting, I was thinking of a way over that ramp, so i simulated your sparrow. It's good to go!
  • Sagira: I had the same idea. You just said it first.
  • Ghost: These Cabal must have a leader.
  • Sagira: You're headed straight for him. He's caught in a window in time, trying to steal the map before we can get it. He'll fail every time, but he doesn't know that.
  • Ghost: Sounds horrible.
  • Sagira: A future where he succeeds is much worse.

The fireteam stops for the first phase of the bossfight. Khartion, Archival Mind spawns in.

  • Ghost: So, where's this Valus?
  • Sagira: Wait for it...

Valus Thuun jumps in and crushes Khartion. The first phase of the battle begins.

  • Ghost: The Vex activated their security grid.
  • Sagira: They see you and the Cabal as invaders. Relax, it worked out fine the first time.

Thuun escapes and the Guardian follows him.

  • Ghost: They've activated more lasers.
  • Sagira: It's hard not to admire the artistry.
  • Ghost: It's really not.

Thuun escapes for the last time and is defeated.

  • Ghost: The Valus is down. I can't shake the sense of deja vu. I feel like we've done this before.
  • Sagira: You were here in spirit. I was using your shell.
  • Ghost: Yeah, I remember now.

{Mission Ends}

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