BrayTech Futurescape

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BrayTech Futurescape
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Hellas Basin, Mars

Enemy factions:

Cabal faction Red Legion
Hive sect Grasp of Nokris

Connecting areas:

Glacial Drift
Core Terminus
Aurora Reach


Area type:


Public Events:

Injection Rig
Warsat Down
Escalation Protocol

Patrol beacons:



BrayTech Futurescape was a landing zone in Hellas Basin on Mars. It is the area where fellow Guardian, Anastasia Bray, acted as a planetary vendor. After the disappearance of Mars as a whole after the Arrival of the Black Fleet and its subsequent return during the events of The Witch Queen, the area was caught in the effects of the temporal rifts scarring the surface of Mars, making the area ripe with Golden Age information. Because of this, it became a point of interest for not only the AI of Clovis Bray I and the Vanguard, but also Xivu Arath's brood and the Witness.


During the Golden Age, the BrayTech Futurescape acted as the tourism area of the Clovis Bray facility in Hellas Basin. An AI tour guided visitors through topics such as Exo development, the Warsat network, and development of improved cold-weather equipment.[1][2]

The area was first accessed after completing the first mission of the Warmind campaign, Ice and Shadow.

With Season of the Seraph, the Futurescape returns as the site of a Heist Battleground, where Guardians, with the assistance of Clovis Bray's AI, Ana Bray, and Elisabeth Bray, fight through Xivu Arath's Brood, Wrathborn, and Taken to claim the submind of Charlemagne to help with the rebuilding of the Warmind, Rasputin.


Lost Sectors[edit]

Public Events[edit]




  • With the return of the Futurescape in Season of the Seraph, the Martian Pyramid from Season of Arrivals is still present, looming over the area. It is unknown if its inclusion was intentional, or simply a remainder from the previous version of the area.

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