Grasp of Nokris

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Grasp of Nokris


Serve Nokris, Supplicant to Savathûn
Serve Xol, Will of the Thousands (formerly)


Xol, Will of the Thousand(formerly)
Nokris, Herald of Xol
Nur Abath, Crest of Xol
Kathok, Roar of Xol
Damkath, the Mask
Naksud, the Famine
Bok Litur, Hunger of Xol


Hellas Basin
European Aerial Zone (temporary)

At war with:

Red Legion
Most other Broods (inferred)

Allied with:

Savathûn's Brood
Taken (briefly)
Lucent Brood (absorbed into)


"The Hive who follow Nokris are fanatically loyal. Stupid, too. But really loyal. You've gotta give them at least a little credit."
Ana Bray[1]

The Grasp of Nokris was a Hive brood centered in the Hellas Basin in the polar ice caps of Mars. Dormant for centuries after the Collapse, they were awoken and acted in the name of their leader, Nokris, Herald of Xol and their Worm God Xol, Will of the Thousands. After Xol's death and defection to their killers, they began making desperate attempts to summon Savathûn's Brood to their aid.[2] Eventually, Nokris pledged his allegiance to the Witch-Queen as her Supplicant, allying his revenant brood with hers.


After Oryx excommunicated his son Nokris for making a heretical bargain with Xol, Nokris took his followers, the Grasp of Nokris, and set out to conquer a new world in the name of his patron Worm God. Nokris chose to invade Mars and arrived at some point shortly before or during the Collapse.

The Herald of Xol, Nokris

In defense, the Warmind Rasputin executed the SIBERIAN ENTROPY protocol, flash-freezing the entire Hive army along with Nokris and Xol. They would remain entombed within the ice of Hellas Basin for centuries, until the pulse of Light emitted by the Traveler at the conclusion of the Red War caused the ice caps to thaw. With the thawing of the Ice caps, the Grasp emerged with the goal of continuing their reason for arriving on Mars which would be to claim it - Rasputin on top of that. Over a period of weeks, the Grasp engaged Guardians, repeatedly being cut down, eventually culminating in the slaying of both their leadership and their Worm God. Despite the loss of their leaders, the Grasp would continue to be of nuisance to Hellas Basin with many of their champions frequently returning, being challenged by Rasputin's Escalation Protocol.

With Xol having abandoned them for the Guardians and Nokris leaving Mars for Savathûn's court, the brood of undead Hive had quieted their activity with the Pyramid's arrival.[3]

Osiris, after an operation to recover the submind Charlemagne, located in an alternate version of the BrayTech Futurescape inside one of the time wounds found on Mars after Savathûn returned it to the solar system, finally addresses the fate of the brood, stating that since the Pyramids' arrival, the remainder of Nokris' forces had joined Savathûn's Lucent Brood against Xivu Arath.


Xol, Will of the Thousands

"I've never seen Hive like this before."

The Grasp of Nokris were the only known brood composed entirely of reanimated Hive with their leaders possessing the heretical secret of necromancy, giving them the power to continuously raise their deceased in endless cycles of death and rebirth. The majority of these undead Hive all had ice and rime fused to their chitin after centuries of being frozen cryogenically, which caused them to shatter upon being killed rather than combust into flames or disintegrate like the other Hive broods. They were found exclusively at the polar icecaps of Mars, specifically having their breeding grounds located in the Penumbral Depths buried beneath Hellas Basin.

Since Savathûn's defection to the Light, what remained of the Grasp of Nokris joined her and were consolidated into her Lucent Brood, sharing their secrets of necromancy with the brood. Such secrets would go on to be an invaluable boon.

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  • The Grasp of Nokris had a unique faction insignia distinct from the general Hive in-game. The symbol resembled the central "eye" of Xol, Will of the Thousands. Another symbol of this faction bore the head shape and eyes of Nokris.
  • Many of the Hive within the Grasp of Nokris had distinctive titles in what is implied to be a Hive dialect; these titles have been identified by fans as originating from several ancient real-world languages.[4]
  • The units of the Grasp of Nokris had slightly different sounds than Hive from other sects, sounding far more guttural.
  • Due to Mars' disappearance and Nokris abandoning the Grasp of Nokris for Savathûn, the Grasp of Nokris may be the first enemy faction introduced in Destiny 2 to go extinct.
  • The Grasp of Nokris was the only faction so far to have Vanquishers until ones from Xivu Arath's Horde appeared in Season of the Seraph.
  • The Grasp of Nokris has never been mentioned by name in-game. They have only been referred to as such once on when Warmind had initially released.

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