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Charlemagne was one of the great Warminds, a vast machine intelligence built by the ancient powers of Mars, created during the Golden Age.[1]


  • Charlemagne would have appeared in the original story of Destiny.[2] He was mentioned in pre-alpha marketing material, which claimed players were to retrieve a shard of his core intelligence, but he was never mentioned in the final version of the game itself.[1] A location in the Dust Palace called "Charlemagne's Vault" was also supposed to appear in the game and serve as the place where the player obtained Thorn, but this was also removed or never completed. The only possible surviving reference to Charlemagne is Ghost commenting that the Dust Palace once housed "the Warmind of Mars", but this Warmind is never identified by name.[3]
  • A currently classified mission item present in The Taken King game files appears to bear some relation to the Warminds. It features an upgrade node with the letters "CHLM", which may be an abbreviation of Charlemagne; now that the item (called an IKELOS Fusion Core) can be obtained, it may indicate that Charlemagne is still part of Destiny canon and could appear in future games and expansions.
  • Historically, Charlemagne or Charles I, was the legendary 8th century Christian king of the Franks and the first Holy Roman Emperor. His attempt at unifying Europe, the first time since ancient Rome, and attempt to resurrect the Roman Empire which fell to the Germanic tribes in 476 C.E., may allude to humanity's attempt to reclaim their own empire, forged during the Golden Age, which dissolved after the Collapse.


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