BrayTech Warlock Armor

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BrayTech Warlock Armor


BrayTech Armor





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Anastasia Bray


BrayTech Armor is a Legendary Warlock armor set that was available from Anastasia Bray.

BrayTech Researcher's Hood[edit]

"Featuring the latest in autocorrecting lens technology."
— Armor description


"Thirty-six field units have been equipped with the new adaptive lens polarization system (ALPS). This version of ALPS leverages the eye-tracking target acquisition algorithm present in some of our scout and tactical units. This integration allows for near-instantaneous adjustment based on head position, ocular focal depth, and the light's angle of incident."

—BrayTech Internal Memo

BrayTech Researcher's Gloves[edit]

"Warm hands, warm heart."
— Armor description


"The researchers back at the lab have really outdone themselves. These might be the best gloves I've ever worn. Way better than the ones issued last cycle. I can finally work out there without my fingers going numb. I'll have to send the research team a fruit basket or something."

—Field Technician, BrayTech R&D

BrayTech Researcher's Robes[edit]

"I tend to work better while not freezing to death."
— Armor description


"The Fabrication Laboratory has created a new synthetic for the lining of the researcher gear. Many of the field researchers have noted that the equipment provided during the last cycle is grossly inadequate at providing necessary elemental protection, and the models with the new lining hope to mitigate this. Med-Lab also echoes concern, hoping the new models reduce the amount of frostbite they've been treating."

—Fabrication Specialist, BrayTech R&D

BrayTech Researcher's Boots[edit]

"Snow is snow is snow. Right?"
— Armor description


"The cold might not be the biggest danger out here." "How so?" "These cliffs get a fair amount of graupel, which is bad news." "Graupel?" "Right. So all snow isn't created equal. Graupel is like snowflake-sized hail. Because it's denser and has a higher viscosity, when you layer it under regular snow the chances of an avalanche increase exponentially." "So how do we deal with it?" "Keep quiet and walk lightly."

—BrayTech Recon Log

BrayTech Researcher's Bond[edit]

"Keeping our greatest minds safe and warm."
— Armor description


"We've decided to experiment with moving the main control unit from the bodysuit onto an attachable armlet. Since all of the other elements of the suit allow for equal bi-directional data transmission, modification to the architecture of the accompanying elements should prove minimal. This will free our users to be more mobile and not be concerned about damaging the main unit while taking fire. Early testing notes a marked improvement in user satisfaction."

—BrayTech Internal Memo

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