The Stranger's Rifle

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The Stranger's Rifle
Production overview

Rarity Class:


Weapon Type:

Pulse rifle

Min-Max magazine:



Fire mode:

Fully automatic (Unlocked)



Service history


The Exo Stranger

"Ghost’s analysis suggests this weapon has been exposed to incredible forces…and that parts of it shouldn’t yet exist."
— Weapon description.

The Stranger's Rifle is a Legendary Pulse rifle in Destiny. It is obtained by the player from the Exo Stranger after completing the Black Garden Story mission for the first time. If the player already completed that mission, the player must go to the Abandoned Quest kiosk in the Hall of the Guardians, and choose the quest called The Fruit of the Garden to obtain the legendary version.


  • Requires Level 14 (was Level 16)
  • 209 Damage (Year 1) 110 (Year 2)
  • 209 Attack (215 when fully upgraded) (Year 1) 110 (115 when fully upgraded) (Year 2)
  • Year 2: Ascension: Spend 25 legendary marks to increase this weapon's attack (170) in Year 1.
  • Magazine: 21 (Year 1) 24 (Year 2)
  • This weapon can be fired in full auto mode.
  • Rewind: Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine. (comparable to Mulligan)


  • The Fate of All Fools exotic scout rifle was a re-skinned version of The Stranger's Rifle.
  • Originally a rare weapon, the Stranger's Rifle became a legendary weapon after patch 2.0.0
  • In The Taken King expansion, a new gun was introduced called No Time to Explain, named after the meme that was the Stranger saying "I don't even have time to explain why I have to time to explain." and looks very similar to The Stranger's Rifle.
  • In the Curse of Osiris expansion in Destiny 2, the Machina Dei 4 pulse rifle can be obtained. This is another re-skinned version of The Stranger's Rifle.


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