Fate of All Fools

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"The wise man knows his fate. The fool merely finds it."
— Weapon description.
Fate of All Fools
Production overview

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Weapon Type:

Scout Rifle

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Service history

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The Fate of All Fools was an exotic scout rifle in Destiny that was given to a cancer patient who was a huge fan of the game. This example is currently the only one to have ever been made. In The Taken King, the weapon was updated into The Jade Rabbit.



  • The Fate of All Fools is likely named in reference to a scene from Marathon 2; after defeating his arch-nemesis Tycho over Lh'owon's moon, the AI Durandal uses his ship's weapons to carve a message onto the surface: "Fatum Iustum Stultorum." This is Latin for "the just fate of fools."
  • The weapon bears major similarities to The Stranger's Rifle Pulse Rifle.
  • Fate of All Fools/Jade Rabbit has undergone multiple stat changes since it was first revealed. Its first iteration inflicted Solar damage and featured a base magazine size of only 7.
  • The player Trifecta01 received the only Fate of All Fools during Year One of Destiny, before it became The Jade Rabbit. He received it as a gift directly from Bungie after his wife posted on Reddit about him using Destiny as part of his physical therapy following brain surgery.[1] It is unknown when or if Fate of All Fools will eventually be obtainable by other players in it's original form and not just as the Jade Rabbit.
  • Despite The Stranger's Rifle and No Time to Explain being Pulse Rifles, the Fate of all Fools is a Scout Rifle. Making it the only one of the "Strange trilogy" that is a different model of gun.


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