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A damaged ship in the Cassini fleet.

Cassini refers to a fleet of damaged ships floating around Saturn.[1][2] The ships may be remains of human ships from the Golden Age.


  • Cassini is likely a reference to the Cassini–Divide, one of the main gaps in Saturn's rings. This gap between the outer and inner ring system gives the planet's rings their distinctive 'double hooped' appearance.
  • The picture of the Cassini derelict was shown by Bungie around Destiny's release, but it does not appear anywhere else in the game. There is a mention of Cassini Library located in the New Pacific Arcology on Titan in the mission Utopia, but it has been probably named after the aforementioned gap in Saturn's wings.
  • Cassini fleet is possibly the same as the First Fleet, led by Captain Drystan Cor.[3][4]
  • The Cassini fleet concept art shown above was likely the inspiration for Presage

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