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We aren't copying directly from the article, Ace is. He's the only one who has a copy, so he's quoting the stuff directly and then we're coming through and ironing out the flavor text.


Rumors, and Bungie is leaving the possibility open. I'll be suprised if they don't port it.

I can respect not being interested in Titanfall.

And hey, I hear that Naughty dog makes great games. I'd love to try them out if I go PS4.

Really, the main reason I don't think I'll get the books any time soon is because it's a pretty big money investment, and I might run into trouble with the logistics.

I just realized all your messages are PMs. Want me to switch to private? 0_0


Eh, I probably wouldn't get the book anyway. I hate to admit it, but the expanded universe isn't really one of my priorities. Too many games to get first. But so yeah, don't worry about thpoilerth.

C'mon, don't give up on consoles! Destiny! Titanfall! And I've heard that Naughty Dogs is a really good developer!


Shit, I didn't know about the genocide thing.... But hey, if you leave the franchise, there's always room for you in the tower and at least I'll know whether or not to leave the Xbox. Halo was the only thing keeping me undecided.


I feel like I should advise that you keep an open mind in the case that is doesn't suck. It probably will, but just in case. I mean jesus, they really aren't going to let up with how much they hate Halsey, are they?

Hope that essay works out, shame if it gets wasted. Nothing quite like nerd rage, be it your own or someone else's.


So, new Kilo Five comming out. If you haven't published it yet, are you going to hold off on finishing that essay until it's come out and you've read it?


Yeah. there's the usual repopulate Halo 3 stuff going on. THFE is actually hosting some customs lobbies! I've been pretty much just playing a lot of multiplayer in 3 and Reach, but I think I'm going to try to play through the whole trilogy today.


Happy Bungie day to you to. How are you celebrating?


Well they said that they purposely weren't using the powers a lot in the demo. Once they started going a bit more freestyle with them they apparently used them a lot more.

And yes, that's what squishy means.

I just check my email for whether or not I have a new message.


Ah, damn shame.

Anyway, Two complaints for me: Enemies seem a bit squishy, and it looks like they're going with the strawberry jam, both of which I don't like. as for gun focused, I'm actually worried that it'll just turn into power spamming! Did you see how fast the abilities were recharging? I LOVE that even though we've got ADS, you can still shoot with pinpoint accuracy from the hip! Also, maybe only the warlock has an ability like that, but maybe it'll have a decent ammount of verticality to go with all that jump height?