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Hello! I'm craZboy557. I play Halo as my main game, though I plan on switching to Destiny once it comes out. I also have gotten into Minecraft a good bit, and have a slightly above average understanding of redstone, can work with flowing water, and know how to set up mob grinders with or without spawners. Unfortunately I haven't been playing on my Xbox much recently as nowadays I spend more and more of my time browsing the internet.

I'm on Halopedia as well, but I've got more edits over here. More new information coming in and all that.

I believe that intellegence is one of the most important attributes one can have, as application of it in science, philosophy, and politics is the only way to advance our civilization.


I'm an atheist, though I'm trying to cut back on immediately going into religious arguments whenever I bring this up. That tends to be a quirk of ours.

Currently I'm following the webcomics Order of the Stick, xkcd, Penny Arcade, Exterminatus Now, and Homestuck.


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Special thanks to TentacleTornado for helping me with userboxes and telling me how to put in this background!


Always use the DMR. This is craZboy557, signing off.