Dantalion Exodus VI

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Dantalion Exodus VI
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Dreadnaught, Saturn's Rings

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Hull Breach
The Bridge

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"Cayde, why'd the Cabal crash their ship into the Dreadnaught? Those are extreme tactics for the Cabal."
"The Vanguard intercepted a signal; a message from the Cabal way outside the Solar System. A direct order to crash the ship, make a beachhead, and take out the Taken King. Now that's loyalty.
Ghost and Cayde-6

Dantalion Exodus VI is a location within the Dreadnaught orbiting Saturn, accessible from both the Hull Breach and the Mausoleum. It is a Cabal Warship that served as the primary headquarters of the Skyburners and the personal command vehicle of Primus Ta'aun, that was deliberately crashed into the Dreadnaught; it now serves as the base of operations for the Cabal legion attempting to sabotage and destroy the Hive vessel.

Points of interest[edit]

On patrol, there are two consoles in darkened siderooms within the ship. Both consoles need to be activated at the same time, so this is easier to do with a fireteam. Successfully activating the consoles causes an Ultra Knight to appear outside the Bridge; killing it rewards "The Silent Scream" Emblem.


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