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Cabal warship
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The Cabal warship is a class of Cabal spacecraft, used for exploration and war.[1]


These small frigates were mass produced during Dominus Ghaul's regime, replacing the solitary, powerful cruisers that Emperor Calus favored. They were designed specifically to combat the the Hive, whose use of portals negated tactical maneuvering and forced all battles to be fought at extremely close range. Cabal warships are meant to be individually expendable, operating in swarms, in tandem with larger Cabal carriers that serve as logistical support. [2]

Cabal warships are of very sturdy design as the ship Dantalion Exodus VI was able to puncture the hull of the Hive Dreadnaught. This was after the Battle of Saturn where the Awoken armada—which included hundreds of Ceres Galliots, a dozen Ketches, and the Harbingers—attacked and failed to even dent the Dreadnaught despite forcing the stalling of the Hive fleet. They have four main engines.

An armada of Cabal warships would be used during the Red Legion's massive invasion of the Last City, with a unique six-engine variant serving as Dominus Ghaul's command ship, The Immortal.[3]

Warships are capable of deploying Mining Landers and Injection Rigs.

Named Cabal warships[edit]


A fleet of at least nine of these ships can be seen stationed above the ruins of Freehold from The Cortex during the Dust Palace Strike.[1] Several are visible from the abandoned Cabal warbase that makes up the Crucible map Black Shield on Phobos,[4] as well as in the map Vertigo on Mercury, where a Cabal expedition has mysteriously disappeared. There is also a six-engine variant used in the invasion of the Last City.

During the Story mission Outbound Signal at least two warships can be seen orbiting above and below Saturn's rings in a hologram on the bridge.[5] These may be support ships for the Dantalion Exodus. Dozens of warships destroyed the Tower during the Red War with swarms of rockets.

The Crucible map of Retribution takes place in the hangar of a Cabal warship.


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