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Cutscenes and in-game are inconsistent, in the final cutscene of Vanilla D2, the Dreadnaught took up the entirety of the hole that it created while on Titan it is a small blip within the hole, the Almighty appears to be a similar size to Mercury, but with that size it would’ve destroyed the City regardless of it crashed far away from it (you have to know that fallout can be a consequence), and we can never tell the actual size of the Leviathan as we can’t get a closer look towards it’s actual size and Nessus doenst match it’s irl form as in-game it shouldn’t have a horizon whatsoever.


I wouldn’t want to stick with estimates towards ships that are inconsistent on size and base the sizes towards concept that are incorrect towards their in-game size, compare the Cerberus Vae III and the Echion Vae and tell me how that Land Tank can fit into that carrier from the loading dock.