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A Golden Age postcard depicting Freehold
"The symbol of the great city of Freehold, the lost gem of Mars."
— - In game description of Freeholder's Memory

Freehold was a massive metropolis built during the Golden Age, [1] and was hailed as humanity's most impressive city at the time.[2] Nearly swept away by the Darkness in the Collapse, the red sands claimed what remained of the once great city. [3] Clovis Bray, had a major presence in Freehold via the Dust Palace. The city is currently occupied by the Cabal, who have control of the Dust Palace, and the Vex, who control the city's subway system.[4] These tunnels lead to a secret entrance into the Black Garden.[5]


A transit map in Freehold Station features a list of Off World Transit train stops throughout Freehold. Below is a list of them.


  • The Titan Mark "Freeholder's Memory", memorializes the city's fall.[1]


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