The Last Exit

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Last Exit
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Map overview


Rise of Iron expansion




"Maybe it's for the best. New frames have trouble data-linking with her and Arcite. The two of them have been around since the beginning, and their heuristic systems keep rewriting everything."
"They watch her. She helps just by being out there.
— Two technicians[1]

The Last Exit is a Crucible map located in Ishtar Sink on Venus.[2] It is set in the environs of a ruined subway station and its outdoor plaza, which falls into Venus's ocean.[3]

Grimoire description[edit]

LOCATION: Ishtar Sink, Venus

The Redjack fireteam that discovered this ancient transit stop could detect no sign of a recent struggle in the area, despite the heavy damage the facility had sustained. The Redjack Alpha reported that station operating modules were stuck in a protocol dubbed "Last Exit." It seems passengers from the nearby Collective were trying to escape some overwhelming force. And it appears that most did not succeed.

Today, the desolate station is home to the war games of the Crucible. And should the threat that destroyed this place return, the Guardians will be ready.


The map consists of tight train tubes and maintenance tunnels, allowing for sudden, close-range skirmishes, while the outdoor area is peppered with cover points for long-range skirmishes.



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