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Nanotechnology, broadly speaking, is any form of technology which enables the manipulation of matter at a molecular scale. During the Golden Age, nano-scale robots, also known as nanites, cytomachines or "mites"[1], were developed to fulfill a variety of functions. A system or colony of cytomachines is called an "ecome".[2] At least some types required replication chambers to manufacture.

Types of Nanotechnology[edit]

  • Medical nanotechnology: Injected into the body to repair physical trauma.[3][4]
  • Tactical mite ecome: Unknown function, presumably a weapon. Part of Elsie Bray's arsenal when she attempted to sabotage the Deep Stone Crypt.[5]
  • Olympus Tears: Unknown function. Diffused into the atmosphere of Mars by an unknown machine, attaching to powerful Cabal and Vex technology and recording data into a "cellular memory".[6]
  • VIS(NU): Used as part of the containment system for the K1 Anomaly and brought to Europa as part of Clovis I's expedition equipment.[2][7]
  • B-RA/MA: Unknown function, included in Clovis I's Europa expedition equipment.[7]
  • SIVA: A general-purpose, self-replicating nanotechnology intended to supersede all previous nanotechnology types.
  • An unknown nanotechnology used to develop Cloud Strider weapons such as Quicksilver Storm, Deterministic Chaos, and Winterbite that supersedes SIVA.


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